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For Logophiles: World Wide Words and Wordnik

By Legosneggos @LegosnEggos

I’m a bit of a logophile and love funky words, not so much to use in Scrabble or conversation as to pronounce them aloud to myself while reading or hear someone else bravely use them and try to figure out their meanings before looking them up.  Ever heard any of these terms in conversation? (click on the term for the meaning):

Cacography - Many doctors are accused of this.

Criticaster — Love to see them called out.

Deipnosophist - I am one and didn’t know it.

Gossypiboma – This happens often enough that a term exists for it?

In silico —  It was time for a term to be created for this.

Kerfuffle – It breaks the monotony.

Makebate - I have known a few of these.

Prick-me-dainty - I don’t meet many of these, thankfully.

Usufructuary - Wish I were this and could vacation whenever I wanted.

Vomitorium - I believe I have been in one before; not what you think it is.

 Zenzizenzizenzic - It would be easier to memorize pi to the 50th digit than remember this spelling.

Thanks, Michael Quinion.  Visit >><< for more weird words.

You can also catch  falling random words and click for their meanings on Wordnik!

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