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For a Boy Or a Girl?

By Babyjandbean
How about a little change of pace because we all need something fun and a wee bit random to help us get through our Friday afternoon. A guy I use to work with use to send totally off-the-wall emails on Friday afternoons. He called them "Friday Afternoon Efficiency Improvers." They didn't really succeed at making anyone more efficient at work but they were a lot of fun. Maybe this will. Maybe it will be just enough random fun to amuse you and distract you so that you can get back to your Friday and then start your weekend off with a smile.
So, what could be more random than a post about McDonald's? How about a post about McDonald's Happy Meal toys? You wouldn't know it by looking at Baby J, but he is a junk food connoisseur. He's long and lean and can outrun just about anyone I know, but the boy can sure pack away the calories. I try to fill him up with good, nutritious meals and snacks but sometimes a mom's gotta do what a mom's got to do...
For a boy or a girl?When we go to McD's, we don't always opt for the happy meal but when we do, we are confronted with a question that turns out to be much more complicated than it seems. "Is that for a boy or girl?" Boy. That should be my answer, right? I have two little boys. Why would I request a girl toy? Well, because sometimes the "girl" toy is much better or interesting than the "boy" toy. And I need to hurry and scan the menu board to determine what the toy offerings are so that I can make a quick decision before Baby J figures out what's going in and throws a tantrum because he wants both...
On days when I pick the "girl" toy, I am met with funny looks by the window clerk because I have two boys in my back seat. It's just silly. I let my kids play with whatever toys interest them the most as long as the toys aren't dangerous or developmentally inappropriate. I think it's all about balance and I see no problems with Baby J playing with trucks AND pretending to put baby doll to sleep. On our last trip to McD's, I picked the "girl" toy - a My Little Pet Shop bobble head thing because the "boy" toy was a violent-looking action figure of some sort. He loves it and so does Bean. I think it's the googly looking eyes. And yes, I got that funny look. But whatever.
For a boy or a girl?
In actuality, all of McDonald's toys are junk. And why do they even bother trying to make decisions about what my kids play with. That's my job. Baby J is three. He'll play with anything and have fun doing it. As long as it is safe and he may possibly get something out of doing it, it's fair game. I don't understand why they spend money making a variety of cheap, junky toys to which they ascribe their preferred gender roles when they could do something like Chick-fil-a and offer one quality item like a book or CD. Then again, I have major issues with Chick-fil-a, too and their so called, "family values." I guess I could avoid this issue altogether if I didn't take Baby J to fast food restaurants in the first place, right?
Ok. Back to your regularly scheduled Friday afternoon activities. Happy April, happy Friday and happy weekend!

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