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Foods That Can Help You Live Longer

Posted on the 17 April 2014 by Health_news

Foods that can help you live longer

Each one of us wants to live a long and healthy life and nobody is in a hurry to see heaven. Would you believe if we say that there is something called the longevity diet? How long you live and how healthy you can be depends on what you eat. People from certain parts of the world manage to live for 100 years or more without any health problems. Did you ever wonder why or how? For example a Chinese native has a life expectancy of 95 years or more. An American has a life expectancy of 65 years or more. Why is there such a vast difference?

There are certain foods that can help you live longer and healthier. These are called longevity diets. The main aim of the diet is to keep the vital organs of the body healthy. Here are some basic foods that will maintain the health of the most important parts of the body that help us live a longer and healthier life.

Heart foods

Heart is the most hard working and important vital organs of the body. However it is also a very delicate organ of the body. Fat is one of the biggest destroyers of the health of the heart. It causes cholesterol and slows down the heart. Eating a fat free and low cholesterol diet would help the heart function more efficiently for a longer period of time. Natural herbs like ginger, garlic, parsley, coriander, and green tea are great for the heart. When it comes to whole some foods, lentils, wheat based foods and breads, whole grains are good. Vegetables like beets, onions, green beans, baked beans, fish and eggs have bigger benefits for the heart.

Liver foods:

Liver is one of the largest organs of the body and is easily susceptible to damage at the same time. However, liver has the miraculous ability to heal fast as well. Avoiding alcohol is the first step to maintaining a healthy liver. There are foods that help the liver to stay healthy. Vegetables like carrots, radish, horse radish, fenugreek, mushrooms, lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower are good. Fruits like papaya and bananas are also strengthening for the liver.

Kidney foods:

Kidneys are as important as the heart. They regulate blood pressure and clean the body from toxins. Kidneys need highly fibrous foods to stay healthy. Some of them are figs, prune, drumsticks, fish, lean chicken breast, salmon, asparagus, and dates. Anything that has high fiber content is good for health. Even water is a good source of health for the kidneys.

Brain foods:

No matter how well the rest of the parts of the body are functioning, without a functional brain we are as good as a vegetable. Healthy brain foods include almonds, chicken breast, lean red meat, eggs, milk, and basically any type of food that has high protein content.

These four vital organs play an important role in our longevity of life. Keeping them healthy through our dietary and lifestyle habits should be of utmost importance to us.

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