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Food Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Health_news

way to cut 500 calories

In order to carry out day to day activities, our body needs energy that is derived from the food consumed. On the basis of body weight and daily requirements, there are different calorie intake prescribed for men, women and children. It is higher for men and women who indulge in a lot of physical activity. Also, it is higher for lactating mothers. Majority of people consume calories much more than their bodies require resulting in weight gain and consequently obesity. If planning to reduce weight, it is necessary to cut down on calories. There are many ways through which 500 calories a day can be reduced.

Some of the ways are as follows

Slashing calories

In order to slash calories, the best way is to become fidgety eaters. Being restless or tapping feet will distract you and you will gorge relatively less calories.

Avoid nutty treats

Though nuts are good for health but gorging a bowl full of nuts is strictly no-no. Munch just 7-8 nuts a day and avoid taking a fistful of these tasty treats when you see them next.

Avoid salad toppings

Salad is no doubt an important part of every meal and it should be eaten heartily. When preparing salads, it is wise to limit the use of dressings or toppings as it may increase the number of calories consumed. Instead of using mayonnaise, one can use vinegar or lemon juice.

Avoid whipped dishes

If you have decided to cut down at least 500 calories in a day, you need to stay away from whipped dishes like whipped cream, syrups, whole milk, etc. Coffee with cream or ice creams must be avoided.

Limited snacking

Tea time becomes all the more interesting as this is the time to indulge in some tasty snacks. If you are consuming crackers or chips, it is best to count them and eat as it will make you realize the number of calories you are tucking in.

Skinny cocktails

Cocktails must be prepared sans any syrup, cream, honey, sugary fruit juices, etc to keep the drink low calorie. Mudslide, a popular cocktail provides more than 800 calories in a single serving.

Pasta must be avoided

There are 220 calories in one bowl of pasta. Frequent pasta consumption can lead to piling up of calories in the body which when not utilised will lead to fat deposits.

Consume mini desserts

Desserts are the perfect way of finishing a tasty meal, but when taking a dessert serving, keep it minimum. Though, it is not bad to finish one’s meal at a sweet note, consuming extra calories is not healthy.

Avoid smoothies

If you are a smoothie enthusiast, you will have to look for ways to make smoothies tastier despite replacing them with healthy options like oatmeal. One serving of regular smoothie provides 800 calories.

The above mentioned ways of food consumption can help in reducing daily calorie intake by 500 calories. This will keep you healthy and energetic. Your weight will also remain well within limits.

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