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Food Poisoning on Holiday? Everything You Need to Know for 2017

By Holiday Claims Expert @1holidayclaims

Holidaymakers who get food poisoning on holiday are getting huge cash payouts – here’s why…

The number of British holidaymakers who have had their trips ruined by food poisoning has rocketed in the last five years – but so has the number of those able to claim thousands in compensation.

The “holiday from hell” stories we hear on a regular basis usually lead back to a package holiday which was ruined by food poisoning or a similar sickness.

These people are receiving huge cash handouts in compensation

According to the British national press, Spain is one of the worst destinations for holidaymakers getting sick on holiday, with clients coming to companies such as Holiday Claims Expert for advice and help. Generally, for those who have been on a package holiday within the last two and a half years and have become ill through no fault of their own, claims can be anything from £1000 to £10,000.

Hassan Ansari, owner of Holiday Claims Expert, works in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where he says he has seen a number of cases similar to that those mentioned above.

He said: “Food poisoning on holiday is undoubtedly one of the bigger reasons that we get approached at Holiday Claims Expert. People book their package holidays on the hope of relieving themselves of the stress and inconvenience of organising everything themselves. They pay for the advantage. When this turns around on them and their holidays are ruined because of bad food or bad hygiene, they are entitled to compensation, and quite rightly so.”

He added: “There is an increasing stigma behind companies like ours who are out to help holidaymakers like this, and I firmly believe there is nothing wrong with claiming compensation when a dream trip, or an anniversary, or just an annual summer holiday is destroyed.”

Just recently it emerged that Egypt and Spain have topped a new list of the worst “winter sun destinations” for food poisoning cases. As reported by The Sun, a total of 12,353 cases of debilitating sickness have been reported by British tourists in Egypt in the last five years alone.

Causes of illness on holiday

Salmonella is one of the causes of food poisoning that has been taking hold of unfortunate holidaymakers. Salmonella is a bacterium that can be found in dairy products, meat and fish and can cause severe gastrointestinal problems including diarrhea and violent bouts of vomiting.

When left untreated, Salmonella food poisoning can progress into more serious symptoms requiring hospital treatment, and causing long lasting effects.

Can I claim?

  • Have you been on a package holiday in the last two and a half years?
  • Have you had food poisoning or another illness?

Essentially it is this simple. There is always a no win, no fee guarantee and a free consultation to find out whether or not your circumstances will allow you to claim.

Fill out a 10-second form here to find out.

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