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Avoiding Sunburn: Places to Visit If You Love a Mild Summer

By Holiday Claims Expert @1holidayclaims

By the end of July, some people are already getting back to work, sighing at the thought of the beautiful days they enjoyed, while others prepare their holiday for the last month of summer. Travel agencies offer a wide range of packages for exotic destinations all around the world, but not all tourists are searching for endless sunshine. People with a more sensitive complexion need a place where the sun is forgiving, so they can make the most of their vacation without hiding under a thick layer of lotion. These five retreats are known for their gentle climate and great entertainment options:

Lake Maggiore, Italy

Lake Maggiori Italy

Less famous and crowded than Lake Como, the resorts on Lake Maggiore offer various opportunities for holiday makers. It is situated on the south side of the Alps, the climate is mild all year round and the temperatures in summer are lowered by the breezes, never going above 25 degrees Celsius. If you find lodging in Stresa you can enjoy some time at the beach in Cannobio, on of the cleanest of Europe, embark on boat rides to the many islands available, hide from the sun in the spectacular gardens of Villa Pallavicino, take the cable car to Mottarone or have fun at the adventure park in Baveno. Also, you can try the Swiss side of the lake and stay in Locarno.

Bled, Slovenia

Bled Slovenia

Despite being one of the smallest European states, Slovenia has many things to show to the curious traveler. In the Alpine region, Bled Lake and its surroundings make a serene vacation spot, rich in options for the laid-back tourist, but also for the adventure-seeking one. The temperatures don’t exceed 25 degrees Celsius in July, the mountains reflect on the lake’s surface and the air is refreshing. You can try the thermal water swimming pools, row a boat to the romantic island of the lake, hike, visit the castle or enjoy the touch of the gentle rays.

Wolin Island, Poland

Wolin Poland

Another hidden gem of Europe for the fair-skinned traveler is Wolin Island in West Pomerania, where the thermometers show a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius in August. At Miedzyzdroje you can find beach and health resorts and you can access the Wolin National Park, which stretches to the Bay of Szczecin, another vacation spot worth trying. There is so much to do on this island that you will be eager to return. You can enjoy the chilly breeze and a cocktail on the beach, get fit climbing the hiking trails, walk in the forest, visit the bison reservation from the national park or learn golf on the big course available there.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lotofen Norway

The archipelago of Lofoten is part of the Arctic circle, but fear not: the place has an elevated temperature anomaly due to the North Atlantic Current and the Norwegian Current. So weather is above freezing and pleasant all year long and mid-summer temperatures stay at an average 15 degrees Celsius. The scenery is breath-taking: fjords, clean beaches, abrupt mountains, pristine lands. Fishing, hiking, rafting, scuba-diving are among the options and you can also see Lofotr Viking Museum. For an authentic holiday, stay at a fisherman’s cabin by the water, rent a bike to go around and eat some stockfish.

Chiemsee, Germany

Chiemsee Germany

Chiemsee is a beautiful Bavarian town that has a nice beach resort by the lake and an average of 20 degrees Celsius mid-summer. A lot of opportunities are available for sports lovers, but for people seeking relaxation, the spa hotels are a good choice. At Schloss Herrenchiemsee, just a boat ride away, there is a palace resembling Versailles. Wetlands and islands are also available for visiting. Moreover, you can see medieval art at Torhalle, taste a special beer at the quirky Badehaus and listen to some quality music at Jazzkeller. Of course, sailing, canoeing, and kayaking are popular in Chiemsee, but so is enjoying a drink on the beach at sunset.

There is a place for every taste and all that travellers have to do is search for them instead of opting for the most fashionable summer stays. But even if these five suggestions are meant to keep you safe from sunburn, don’t forget to get informed about the crime rate, trustworthy eateries, and water quality. You don’t want your stay to end in a holiday claim because of disease or injury. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure!

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