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Summer Holiday Guide 2017: Where to Go and Where to Avoid for This Year’s Summer Vacation

By Holiday Claims Expert @1holidayclaims

From different types of food poisoning to difficult flight routes, it’s always good to be well-informed on where to go and where to avoid before you book your summer trip.

The holiday season is fast approaching, and sun seekers are already on the lookout for those top deals and must-see locations. There is no shortage of online guides advising on where to go, how to get the cheapest flights, and where the best deals are for the best summer holiday of 2017. But where are the tips on the places to avoid? Some locations are flagged up for holiday sickness claims due to poor service, while others are notoriously unfriendly for tourists.

To help out, our team at Holiday Claims Expert has constructed an in-depth, up-to-date travel guide, not only with the best recommendations but also help and advice on which places to probably stay away from. Whether it’s higher than average prices, locations difficult to access from the UK, or the places with higher levels of disease, political unrest or even water quality, it’s always better to be clued up before making those final bookings.


asia holiday guide 2017

We recommend: Bali, Indonesia
We advise against: Turkey

Bali, Indonesia

In general, even the habitual visitors to Bali are continually surprised by new discoveries. As a part of Indonesia, it is most certainly open to dynamic change and opportunity and is ultimately a safe holiday destination to choose at the current time.

It’s highly advised to read up on Bali before you get there, as there is simply so much to discover, and the more prepared you are, the better trip you’ll have.

Not to mention the fact that Bali is home to some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world, where tourists are welcomed with open arms and meandering out of the tourists’ areas still means that you are safe and met with a smile.

With thousands of temples on the island, spiritualism is big in Bali, and there is no shortage of beautiful festivals, and events to make your holiday even more special. Flights are easy to come by, and the average summer weather is around 30 degrees, making it a top choice on plenty of bucket lists.


There is, of course, a largely magnetic tourist attraction to Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. While this remains, bookings are reportedly down for the usual summer flux. Although it wouldn’t be right to elaborate too much, Turkey’s location next to Syria may have an impact on those wanting to avoid war-torn lands or political unrest.

As for travel convenience, it is possible to fly directly from the UK to Istanbul and there are Asian holiday destinations which are much more problematic to reach, though generally if you are looking for value for money, it might be easier to stick with something a little more local.

During the summer there are 10 sunshine hours on average each day and the average temperature is 24C, with highs of 28C. You would have to move slightly more south to catch the spots with the warmer weather.


europe holiday guide 2017

We recommend: Czech Republic
We advise against: Norway

Czech Republic

If your primary concern is laying on the beach and soaking up the sun, there’s little point in reading ahead, as the Czech Republic is completely landlocked and has a similar summer to the south of England. However, if you can be satisfied by highs of around 25 -30 degrees in the summer and are willing to explore some exciting culture, it is one of the best places in Europe to visit.

The Czech Republic has some of the richest history, architecture and culture in the entire of Europe, and has frequently been voted as one of the happiest, and is currently one of the safest places to visit for a holiday.

From Moravian wine visits to relaxing Bohemian spas, Czechs know how to enjoy their summer and they are not afraid you share their knowledge with you. There are extremely low risks of picking up diseases and direct flights are actually a bargain if you search on the main budget airlines such as Easyjet.

Summer is most certainly the best time to go, as the Czech winters can bite harder than what the average Brit is used to, but between May and August, it is a golden, local, safe choice for a trip away.


If you are looking for value for money, it may be best to avoid exploring Norwegian holiday deals at the current time. It’s undeniably a very beautiful country with lots to offer but is more highly regarded as a snowy, winter wonderland for those wanting to go on ski trips in the winter.

Summer has less to offer in general, and there is certainly less guarantee of warm sunny weather, but the elephant in the room is much bigger than this – the cost of living in Norway is extortionately high.

Norwegians tend to make a lot more than those who live in neighbouring countries, including the UK, and a simple trip out for a meal and a beer could set you back £100. Again, a top choice for a winter trip, so long as you’ve saved up enough money to stand the prices and are not averse to a snowboard, but not on the main bucket list for a summer holiday.


africa holiday guide 2017

We recommend: Morocco
We advise against: Sierra Leone


Travelling to Morocco is not going to be the cheapest of holidays, but there is no money wasted here, as you will get a wealth of experience and luxury no matter what you do. It has had a recent increase in tourism interest and perhaps this is a trend which will continue to grow.

North Africa is, of course, very close to the south of Spain and there are influences on either side, not to mention a very similar climate. It’s a much safer option than many other parts of Africa, with open arms to tourists, especially those willing to soak up a little culture and explore the local way of life.

The Riads, for example, (traditional Moroccan houses that often are turned into small hotels) are well worth exploring and generally offer high-quality accommodation for a fair price. The food is second to none, and you should make sure you try the local mint tea and traditional sweet pastries.

If you are interested in visiting Africa in 2017, we think this is one of the safest and most value for money that you can find. Just be aware of hot weather and pack suncream!

Sierra Leone

Opinions differ greatly about the safety and comfortability of visiting Sierra Leone. Official government warnings highlight extensive crime rates, and media tends to focus on its local corruption and lack of regulations.

Despite this, the West African location has incredibly beautiful beaches and scenery, should you be brave enough to ignore all of the above.

It’s very important to note that Sierra Leone is one of the poorest nations on earth, and is no stranger to civil war. Even though there is no active conflict at the moment, there is an undercurrent of danger for tourists arriving, especially at night, and opting to public transport to get around. Where poverty exists, there is a correlation with high crime rates.

As a holiday destination, Sierra Leone is a hard sell, and as far as Africa goes, there are other destinations with more to offer, including higher levels of safety.

South America

south america holiday guide 2017

We recommend: Costa Rica
We advise against: Venezuela

Costa Rica

Costa Rica makes it into the headlines for all the right reasons, recently for being the world’s happiest country. As it is also home to other delights such as sloths and surfing, it’s easy to understand why people tend to wear a smile (it’s also the home of the United Nations University for Peace).

As for holidaying in Costa Rica, it’s basically got everything from thrill-seeking water sports, cliff diving and zip lining tours, to stunningly romantic beaches and places to relax.

It’s also known for having some of the best coffee in the world, which has been a major attraction for coffee-loving Brits.

As for weather, it’s good to be well informed and make a well-timed visit. Essentially there is a dry or high season and a wet or green season, with no actual summer or winter. May to November is classed as the rainy reason, though you can still expect glorious sunshine in between. October has the heaviest rain, so if you’re not keen on getting wet, avoid this month. Overall, Costa Rica is a stunning, exciting and welcoming place which is on the priority list for many of this year’s holidaymakers.


Venezuela is not a place you’d go to for your first overseas holiday and is a particularly unfavourable location this year.

As you may have seen in the media, Venezuela currently has a child malnourishment problem, and civilians are becoming sick or even dying from hunger as political unrest grows progressively.

Physicians are seeing cases they haven’t witnessed in nearly 40 years, including the fatal malnutrition condition known as Marasmus. Times are frankly turbulent, to say the least, and although it may not cost as much as usual to fly there, it’s not on our list of recommended places for summers holidays of 2017.

Avoid Getting Sick on Holiday

We can advise you on all of the above locations, but even the best spots could be problematic if you are in danger of getting sick. There are many types of food poisoning, all of which result in a ruined holiday, so it is always worth checking out the individual tour operator or hotel before you arrive to be on the safe side.


  • Read the reviews before you go, bad locations known for holiday sickness claims will generally be documented on the internet
  • Take action at the first signs of food poisoning
  • If you are advised not to drink the water, under no circumstances do it
  • Avoid seafood or rice if you are in the least bit doubtful of its quality
  • Ask the locals where they would recommend

Did You Know?

Getting sick holiday due to something outside your control could mean you are entitled to a large cash payout. From food poisoning to other illnesses, you could claim thousands. Visit our Holiday Claims page and get in touch with us today to see if you are eligible to start the claims process.

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