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Food Course Check Back

By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today

Food Course Check Back

When ever food has arrived,wait until guests have start eating,then check back to see if they are happy with preparation of their food.

Never ask if everything is "okay",instead,inquire about specific items in a positive and leading manner.

The goal is for everything to "fantastic","amazing","delicious", or "perfect".

Leading questions include: "Isn't your lobster great?" etc.

Each time you visit a table,be aware of your guest's needs.

Does wine needs to be poured?

Do sodas or beverages need to be re-ordered?

 Might guests like more bread?

 Are their water glasses filled?

Do they need a bit more of coffee?

Is there an additional food item that they would like to order?

Make sure that guests want for nothing when you leave the table.

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