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Follow Friday | Bunny Meyer | Grav3yardgirl

By Natacha Neveu @thesortinghouse

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Follow Friday

Welcome to Follow Friday on TheSortingHouse, where each most weeks I feature either a blog, a person, a movement, or anything really which has inspired me or has had me addicted!

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Bunny Meyer | Grav3yardgirl

Bunny Meyer

Bunny Meyer (grav3yardgirl) is one of my more recent Youtube addictions.

She is brash, loud, over the top and I love her. Admittedly, at first I found her unbelievably annoying, as I imagine most people will. For some reason however I just kept watching, and one video watched turned in to god knows how many. After watching a few of her videos I decided that I actually find her ‘annoying-isms’ endearing, and actually rather amusing hilarious.

Bunny Meyer OOTD

One of Bunny’s many OOTD posts

Bunny started out making paranormal videos on her Youtube channel Grav3yardgirl, but soon began focusing more on outfit, haul and makeup tutorials. Love or hate the self proclaimed Swamp Queen, she has amassed millions of loyal followers across her social networks who she lovingly refers to as the Swamp Family.

She posts videos regularly, and some of my favorite features on her channel are her Tea Vlogs – where she just waffles on about anything going on in her life, and her Does This Thing Really Work series – where she puts an As Seen on TV product to the test (I presume this is similar to JML here in the UK?).

Bunny also has a Tumblr blog Grav3yardgirl worth checking out, where she collects anything she finds entertaining from across the web.

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