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Wish List Wednesday | Spring Has Sprung

By Natacha Neveu @thesortinghouse

 Wish List Wednesday

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  • Spring Has Sprung
    •  1. Flat Pink Scalloped Shoes
    • 2. Kimchi Blue Glossy Suitcase Satchel
    • 3. Retrosuperfuture Lucia Sunglasses
    • 4. Minor Obsessions Gold Moon Pendant
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Welcome to Wish List Wednesday on TheSortingHouse, where I share something that has inspired me, either to buy it, or to pine for it. Keep reading to find out what made this wish list Wednesday.

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Spring Has Sprung

Wish List Flats Shades Bag Necklace

Again some picks from the Want by Svpply app on the iPad which links to my Svpply account (@thesortinghouse). Continue reading for my spring has sprung fashion inspiration…

 1. Flat Pink Scalloped Shoes

from H&M (no longer available)


Boo! These shoes are unavailable! I saw some very similar ones from Primark however, I think they were around £10. Have you seen some pumps or flats that have a similar scalloped, or cut out style? Leave a comment and let me know.

2. Kimchi Blue Glossy Suitcase Satchel

from Urban Outfitters (sold out)


Again, obviously a popular item and I’m super late to the party. This bad boy is sold out, but if you’re just after a brightly coloured box style bag, there are some on Amazon for £18.99.

3. Retrosuperfuture Lucia Sunglasses

on Liberty London from £130


They only have three designs and not the same as the original picture at the very top. Nonetheless it’s the shape of the shades that I’m loving, and quite honestly, I like each of the colours/patterns available on the Liberty site.

4. Minor Obsessions Gold Moon Pendant

(currently unavailable) but a diamond encrusted one from Barneys NY is $750


I really love this 10k yellow gold long chain moon pendant. Especially because I feel jewellery is something I should invest in. The cheap jewellery I currently buy turns my skin green and smells weird after a while…not good! However $750 is maybe a bit too steep and diamond encrusted a bit too much for me!

Over to You!

What do you think of this weeks wish list Wednesday? Maybe you want to tell us all about something that should be on our wish lists? Seen any alternative dupes to these items?

Comment below and let me know,

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