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Folks, That Isn’t Spider-Man’s New MCU Costume!

Posted on the 24 July 2015 by Geekasms @geekasms
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Folks, That Isn’t Spider-Man’s New MCU Costume!

Websites have been asking the past few days, if we’ve gotten our first tease of what the MCU’s Spider-Man costume will look like.  For some random photos from a random, unverified Russo_Brothers Twitter account, this has really gotten a lot of attention, and frankly has gotten a bit out of hand.  To get right to the point, NO, we have not seen the first glimpses of Spider-Man’s costume, especially not his goggles or lenses!

It’s been speculated that the image below could be that of Spider-Man’s lenses to his new costume.  A lens that could allow the mask to convey emotion ala comic book artist style.  My first question to that is: has Marvel even come close to doing anything like this with any of their other heroes?  Spider-Man has an iconic look to him, just like Iron Man and Captain America.  How far away from those designs have they gone?  Spider-Man’s mask is set before you ever set eyes on it.  Marvel would not stray away from the iconic look to give him weird looking goggles!

— Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) July 9, 2015

The only reason I could ever see them having Spidey in goggles is if he wears something similar to Spider-Man Noir prior to getting his more familiar costume.


Also, if we’re going to pick something it looks like, at least go with something like a prototype for Doctor Strange’s Eye of Amagatto.  While this lens is black, it still looks more like the Eye of Amagatto than Spidey’s lens!  Plus the red fabric and rope the lens is show with looks much more like a cape than anything Spider-Man related.


You could even stretch it out and suggest that the image could be hinting at what Barron Zemo will be seen sporting in the film.  The red material looks like something that could be worn as a draping mask over someone’s face the like good Barron has sported before.  Plus lets face it, we’re not going to get that straight out purple looking mess he typically sports.


I’ve also seen online some people speculating this could be Peter Parker’s camera.  Have you ever actually seen a camera before?!  Let our resident professional photographer weigh in on this little theory:

Definitely not a lens like anything I’ve seen.  There’s no pincher of any kind to lock it in.  Not that it needs to be functional for the movie.  It’s possible, but without a little more I’m not putting my money on it.  Specifically people are are saying the cover looks like “shutters” for the camera?  I couldn’t disagree with that more.

Now, I will say that the second picture people are clamoring over, could be something.  The photo shows a black and red material that is very reminiscent of what a superhero’s costume would look like.  Plus Spider-Man has sported the red and black look before: when he originally appeared as drawn by Steve Ditko, and more recently as Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man.  There could be argument that it would also make sense for Spider-Man to be in red and black versus red and blue, as Captain America is already in the red and blue, and they need something to separate them when standing next to one another on screen.

— Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) July 10, 2015

Along with the two images, there’s the mysterious Russo Brothers account, which continues to simply post vague photos.  The way the account has been going, it doesn’t feel like a fake account.  A fake account would be one yelling and trying to get as much attention as possible.  This one has just sat back, posting random photos of chairs, bullet holes, and more.  Plus a few of its initial followers lead to giving the account credence as being legit.

Fact is, we don’t know WHAT we’re looking at yet.  Could we have seen the slightest of teases of Spider-Man’s costume or the evolution of Spider-Man’s costume between two photos?  Sure!  Could this end up being anything else on the planet and people are just so eager to see the first look at the MCU Spidey that they’re clamoring and gripping at any straw they can find?  More than likely.

However one thing I believe all of us can agree upon, skeptic or not, is that none of these photos tease to the MCU debut of Doctor Druid.

Folks, That Isn’t Spider-Man’s New MCU Costume!

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