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By Teaantoast @teaantoastblog


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I have some VERY exciting news to announce... I'M MOVING OUT! AAAAAHHHHHH!!! It's why I've been very quiet around here, real life has been very busy and a little manic. I have mentioned this a few times on twitter and instagram so it might not be a surprise to some of you. I have tons and tons of ideas for what's to come on my little blog and I cannot wait to get started.

For now I'm busy packing up all my stuff, I knew I had a lot of "rubbish" in my room but I've never realised how much "rubbish" I actually had! I've had to throw a lot out :( booo!! I've also had to go out into the big adult world and buy grown up things such as towels and even a clothes horse!!!! Exciting eh?

I'm moving in with a lovely friend of mine not far away from where my parents live, which is very reassuring. I've wanted to move out for a long time now and now it's all happening I'm realising just how much it is I'm going to miss them but knowing they're not far away is making it 10 times better... I can just pop round for a cuppa after work and a chin wag!

Last night we all went round to the flat to drop the not to much essential things off and for my parents to have a good look around. I literally cannot express how excited I am about this!! It's such a huge thing and everyone is being so positive and things are going smoothly, no ones stressed and it's all just WONDERFUL!!!

Saturday is when I'll officially be moving in so after that I promise I'll be back to blogging as normal and I'll be having a lot of exciting things to blog about and new things to feature. 

Wish me luck :)

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