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Floppy Disk Coaster Trick!

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

There are many similarities between the fashion industry and the interior design and deco industry. Both borrow from one another in terms of style and color.

In the seventies, for example, fashion looked towards nature and that reflected in the way people dressed. Hair grew longer and so did beards, natural fabrics and neutral colors were favored, and women didn’t wear much make up.

Interior design followed along with this trend with earthy colors, natural fabrics, and a plethora of plants indoors. Interior design, like fashion, responds to the needs of people at the time, and that is what becomes trendy.

However, we all know that trends come back into style, whether in reinventive or ironic ways.

This became true when millennials rediscovered the beauty of record players, and now people are using floppy discs in a way that brings back a classic in a fresh way.

If you are looking for ways to use items from your childhood in new ways, read this article today!

Read the full article here: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/totally-tubular-floppy-disk-coasters-232528

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