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Five Years Tenure of PPP

Posted on the 22 March 2013 by Azharnadeem

PPP funnyThe government of PPP has completed its five years term. Great enough! But cries of the masses will perhaps continued to be heard for decades to come. These five years leave behind a great deal of debris in the shape of the people’s discontent. The word of democracy in Pakistan remained a laughingstock and democracy itself remained under threat. The ruling Party was almost a complete failure on account of governance as through massive corruption, favoritism and the general public apathy; it messed up the economy, abnormally hiked the price of commodities, ate up the whole public corporations, ruined industry, aggravated the energy crisis and fared too bad on provision of security to the life and property of the citizen. Pakistan today seems to be characterized by a breakdown in the capacity of its governing elite and its agencies to execute domestic and foreign policy, including the protection of individuals from harsh and arbitrary violence. In Karachi, Baluchistan and KPK everyone was armed to the teeth, and shooting can now be heard everywhere around the clock. Shots continued to be fired during the whole tenure in warning, in fear, in terror, in land grabbing, in plundering the state resources or in celebrations of the elite class. Theft, robbery and murder were daily fare. Armed robbers committed the crime in broad daylight. The political party, which constantly claims itself to be of the poor, snatched everything from the poor in its five years regime.

Corruption remained the hallmark of the rulers so much so that not even a single project of the Federal Government could be listed as transparent. The flux of corruption kept increasing as the rulers continued with their corrupt practices unabated, in spite of resistance and scrutiny by the Apex Court, the Media and the public at large. The loot and corruption of PPP has pushed the country to the verge of disaster and mega scandals of corruption of the federal government were a question mark on its performance. So much so money doled out from the exchequer of the state on the last day of the Federal Government is unprecedented. This small mafia captured resources of Pakistan and looted national wealth ruthlessly for five years. Their rampant corruption has weakened the state institutions and brought the country into the tight grip of unending crises. There had been no option with the people other than paying bribes to the rulers to get even their legal works done. The Government did not let the bill for an independent and powerful National Accountability Commission passed from the parliament during the whole term of five years. Where is that Pakistan which had been dreamt? It’s crippled. It is not only sleeping but almost in comma. Every institution of the country remained in deep slumber during this whole episode.

Economy has been collapsed. Massive corruption in the lands and government procurements has been done in entities like National Highway Authority, Oil and Gas Development Corporation Limited, Sui Southern Gas Pipelines Limited, Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited, Karachi Port Trust, Port Qasim Authority, Civil Aviation Authority, NICL, Pepco, Erra, SVBP, NBP, ZTBL, CDA, Ministry of Defence, Defence Housing Authority, National Logistics Cell, PSO, PNSC, Cantonment Boards, etc. All the departments have also been burdened with extra staff appointed on political basis without determining the actual staff requirement. The Government has doubled the country’s debts, paving the way for inflation and making the prices of essential commodities beyond the reach of the poor. Pakistan had been a complete disaster during PPP regime! Today, my Pakistan cannot help even its poor, elderly and orphans. From it, bleeding, like from a sinking ship, engineers, doctors, teachers are fleeing, because they have nothing to live on.

For the personal gains, Military and Judiciary were blackmailed and used frequently. The Supreme Court is fighting against corruption but the government, instead of supporting them, violated he apex court’s order, used very trick to avoid fair investigations and prosecution in corruption cases. While Supreme Court was hearing mega corruption scandals of the PPP government involving tens of billions of rupees and recoveries were being made on the orders of the court, the PPP Government tried to bring the Supreme Court and parliament at loggerheads by conducting the audit of the Supreme Court funds which carry full cover under the Constitution, and undermined the independence of the judiciary by summoning the registrar of the apex court before the Public Accounts Committee.

The Supreme Court is vested with power to scrutinize all matters of complaint regarding the use or irregular use of public power by any authority of state how high-so-ever. Now, when PPP Government is no more in the field to pressurize or blackmail the national institutions, the Supreme Court should order a complete audit of all the public corporations and Government Departments not only to concentrate on detection of frauds committed by the PPP, but rather, to look at all the financial and non-financial activities for effective corporate governance oversight. Wrong actions including political appointments / promotions, controversial summaries approved by various divisions causing huge losses to the national exchequer, illegal allotment of lands, and such like other actions may immediately be reversed, and references should be filed with the NAB in other corruption cases.

Thanks PPP. The guardian of the “democracy”, you’ have done an excellent job of making the people of Pakistan hungry and shelter-less and emptying the national exchequer in addition to burdening the country with unprecedented debt. The PPP gangsters are now much worried about their past terroristic attacks on national exchequer and other public resources, are involved for saving & hiding their crimes, they are defaming military, judiciary, and other national institutions. The nation is calling for the arrest of leaders of the outgoing regime who have been accused of corruption. They would like to see concrete steps taken against certain leaders who have emptied the national exchequer. They may be immediately placed under exist control list and would not be allowed to abscond.

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