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Five Tangent Post of Random

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hi guys! How’s your Wednesday???

I’m so sad that I had absolutely nothing to post yesterday… unless you want to know how I decorated my insanely small living space for fall for under $30 dollars. Which I definitely did.

And today all I have for eats to show ya is good old left overs. I did have a fun autumn flavored coffee combo for breakfast, though. I had dark roast coffee with soymilk and a shake of pumpkin pie spice.

Do it! You’ll thank me.


Five Tangent Post of Random

Left over Dirty {Southern} Boil for lunch. Which was insanely good and I wish I had another bowl. I settled for some southwestern veggie soup from a can instead. Sigh.

Five Tangent Post of Random Five Tangent Post of Random

I put together a really fun/funky outfit for today.

Five Tangent Post of Random Five Tangent Post of Random

but I completely chickened out and put on my usual knee high boots exactly 7 seconds after snapping those pics.

They’re still cute… no worries ;-)

Five Tangent Post of Random

Is anyone else really confused by fashion right now??? I am. I’ve read the Sept. issue of Vogue at least 4 times and I can’t nail it down. All I can get is that you’re supposed to wear a bunch of things that really don’t go together…

For some reason I don’t think this is right.

Five Tangent Post of Random

Last weekend after my run I was followed home by this cat.

photo (1) photo (2)

He found me on my cool down walk and he looks exactly like my cat Peanut. Peanut sadly died when I was a senior in high school but it was fun to see this guy and think about my trusty Peanut.

I picked Peanut out at the SPCA when I was 5 and clearly I loved food and peanut butter back then because I chose the name.

photo (3) photo (4) photo

This Peanut II was so friendly and once I stopped petting him, he literally followed me to my front door. I was afraid he’d try and come in.

Yes those striped things in the corner of the pictures are the pants I chose to run in. I’m not even going to think about what that says about my sanity.

I did contemplate cat-napping this kitty and keeping him in my room but decided that his family would miss him too much and I couldn’t risk my own moral standing in the world for stealing some totally-unsuspecting family’s beloved pet.

Five Tangent Post of Random

On a side-note Max told me that these psychologist students from somewhere in the USA did a study on cats and followed them with cameras and found out that most outdoor cats lead double and triple lives. They normally have multiple families that think he/she is ‘their’ cat. The different families feed them and even name them. Crazy cats!!!

Five Tangent Post of Random 

This is what a dying iPhone looks like. Plugged in all the time.

I had to move my charger to my office during the week. Poor iPhone 3GS.

I’m not exaggerating that I’m counting down the days until November 9th when I can get the new iPhone 5. I’ll prove it to you… there is exactly:

1 month  13 days  15 hours  56 minutes  52 seconds left

as of: 2:03pm

Tell me about you!!! I want to know…

Are you obsessing over the iPhone 5?

Yes… I look at photos almost every day… this is sadly not an exaggeration.

Do you have a pet?

Yes it’s a suicidal fish named Don Pedro.

Do Leftovers make you excited or grumpy?

It depends on what they are. Probably more grumpy than excited.

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