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Five Miles to Empty: I’m Running on Low Battery

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Five Miles to Empty: I’m Running on Low BatteryI know I’ve been incognito for the past few days, but I’ve been running around preparing for my vacation tomorrow. I’m at the point where I know I need a break to recharge because I’m finding myself constantly annoyed by stuff. None the less, I plan to do plenty of relaxing on white sandy beaches with an overflow of tropical drinks. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve spent 95% of my day at a computer, between work, finishing up my last class, blogging, and making preparations for this trip……I’m starting to burn out, I swear I’m on five miles to empty and my battery has about 20% power left.

I spent this past weekend getting my hair and my nails in shape along with a pedicure. Last but not least, I got a new tattoo. I needed to cover an old tattoo that I got about 20 years ago that was “Not Cute”, so I finally decided to do something about it and went to see my brothers tattoo artist. Getting drunk and letting your equally drunk friend tattoo you is NOT a smart idea, the things we do at 16!

Five Miles to Empty: I’m Running on Low Battery

Tropical Nails – Boogie Nights Gel Overlay

Somehow, everywhere I go lately, I get into a discussion about relationships. As I was getting my tattoo, he bitched about his current break up and how she said he was boring. He later revealed that his now ex girlfriend is 21 years old and he’s 39. I would love to go into how the age difference affected this “relationship” but I think I’m going to wait until I return fresh and recharged to handle this. Plus, he stated that “if a woman is not married between the ages of 29-35 they’re either crazy or their standards are too high. He is now on the top of my hit list!

Five Miles to Empty: I’m Running on Low Battery


Five Miles to Empty: I’m Running on Low Battery

Finished Product


Anyway, for the next 12 days I will have limited posts but I promise not to leave you high and dry. I will definitely post pictures and give brief descriptions of my activities and my adventures.

Much Love,

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