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Five for Friday: It's Been Kinda Quiet on the Blog This Week, I Know...

By Jenny Mac Rogers @jennymac1207

Five for Friday: It's been kinda quiet on the blog this week, I know...
1. You may have noticed it's been a quiet week on the blog this week. Sorry about that, I've been a little under the weather, but nothing that's going to keep me down for long. I have had an opportunity to get a more up close and personal look at healthcare this week. Maybe I'll blog about it one of these days. Bottom line: any day it takes three nurses five tries to start your IV, it's not a good day, obviously.
2. In case you missed Monday's post about Christmas shopping ideas, make sure you check it out. I got a lot of great feedback about it. Lots of folks like to shop local, especially at Christmas, which is fantastic. I seem to be getting in the Christmas spirit early this year. I'm ready to decorate now, which isn't like me at all.
3. A book by Sarah Bessey, Jesus Feminist, was released on Tuesday. I would encourage you, men and women, regardless of how you feel about the word "feminist" and what you think it means,  to read it, and to refrain from judging a book by its cover (literally in this instance). It resonates with me for so many reasons, but perhaps even more importantly, for me, she inspires me (and a lot of others from what I'm seeing in the reviews and feedback) to tell MY story. Why? Because her story, your story, my story, they're our stories, but they're more. They're who we are. As individuals and as a collective. They matter. They matter to me and to you. They matter to others who will stumble upon them long after we're gone. They matter to our daughters and our sons. They matter, so they must be told. Stay tuned, my story's coming. I hope yours is, too.
Pardon me for waxing poetic or whatever, but sometimes something or someone strikes a chord, or a nerve, in such a way that you just have to roll with it.
4. Ole Miss plays Arkansas (Hotty Toddy!) and Auburn plays Tennesse (War Eagle!) tomorrow. We will be in Oxford, and we have tickets for the whole family, but whether I'm up to going to the game or will choose to watch from the comfort of my mama's couch remains to be seen.
5. It is finally (almost) cold. Hallelujah! (I'm not a hot-weather person. Yes, I realize I live in South Mississippi. It's not ironic. It's just torture.)
Happy Friday!
Five for Friday: It's been kinda quiet on the blog this week, I know...

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