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Five Designer Bags You Should Own

By Kaye

Designer Bags

Designer bags you should own

Bags are girl’s another best friend. I wouldn’t argue that diamonds still is girl’s best friend. But who wouldn’t want to own designer bags? Beautiful, chic bags are already girl’s precious possessions and having them bear a designer’s label, make it the more a valued possession. I know, you can always relate with me on this.
My friends know how I love bags. I just love collecting them, don’t you? I love colors just like you do but when it comes to bag, I prefer neutral and pastel tones. Shades of brown, gray, beige is what I adore most. I don’t know what’s with these colors that attract me so much. There’s like an electromagnetic force that pushes me on and the next thing I know, I already have them. However, I am not yet that lucky to own any designer bags like Balenciaga, Burberry to mention a few. First, I have more priorities on my list now and I know, those designer bags can still wait.

Neutral Tone Designer Bags I Want To Own

Since owning designer bags is still in the process and maybe will take time, I decided to list the designer bags I want to own and of course since I love neutral tones, they all come in brown colors. The bag collage above is what I want for now.

1. Balenciaga Suede Bowling Bag

The bag is a bowling suede bag which I would like to wear with jeans and T-shirt or an overresize sweater for a rugged look. Again, it’s a relatively big bag which make it so “me” kinda bag.

2. Bottega Veneta vault woven Tote

I like the texture of this bag. This is the kind if bag that would add extra feel to a plain outfit.

3.Coach Madison Kimberly Carryall in Ocelot Print Fabric

This safari-inspired bag has been a favorite. I’ve had safari-inspired head scarves from Mango and I think this would compliment this bag. But no! I think I would look like a zoo if I wear it both at the same time. Seriously, this bag would be a very good possession.

4. Burberry The Big Crush in Heart Print Calfskin

Don’t you love Burberry? I love big bags. The ones that I can store almost everything. This bag is big enough to carry my everyday kit which includes my iPad, book/notebook, wallet and bling-blings. It is made from calfskin and the heart print make it so chic.

5. Dolce and Gabbana Coin Purse Tote

Tis plain is ideal for a formal look. It’s simplicity is elegance itself. It could turn an ordinary girl to a woman of substance.

Why Invest in Designer Bags?

If your lifestyle can afford designer bags, go for it? Why not? It is a very good investment. It will stand with time. It doesn’t go off the fad. It adds statement to your outfit. But if your budget is a little off, then make a wishlist for now and maybe you’ll be able to acquire it in time. Remember girls, only buy the things that you can afford. These bags are costly and are 4 digit figures. It might hurt your pocket. It’s okay to include them on your wishlist for now. It won’t make you less of a woman not to own things that doesn’t go well with your lifestyle.

What is your favorite designer bags beauties? Or designers bags you want to own in the future? Share it with us by leaving your comments down below. If you like this post, don’t forget to hit the share button and if you want to be updated, follow this blog or subscribe by email. Follow and like us on these social networks….


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That would be all for today guys! Enjoy your designer bags! Till my next post…



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