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Five Alternative Accommodation Ideas for Your Holiday

By Simon Hales @itertrav

It’s that time of year again when millions of us fly out to far-flung destinations across the world to enjoy those few weeks of summer holiday bliss. The vast majority of holiday makers will opt to stay in the typical holiday hotel accommodation often overlooking the alternatives that are on offer. Accommodation can make or break a holiday; this is why we have come up with five alternative accommodation ideas that will give you a holiday to remember.

Serviced apartments


Serviced apartments are a relatively new idea that have taken UK and many European countries by storm. Serviced apartments offer holiday makers the chance to stay in actual residential apartments at half the price of comparatively smaller hotels. Serviced apartments enable holiday makers to stay for long periods of time in these apartments without taking up a tenancy agreement. A great example of this can be seen with Serviced Apartments in Norwich that provide holiday makers with the opportunity to stay in great accommodation within close proximity of London at half the price of any hotel. The only down side of serviced apartments is that they are mainly self-catering, but with all of your savings you can now afford to eat out!

House swap


House swaps are becoming ever more common, as they offer a cheap and exciting alternative to the usual hotel experience. House swaps work by two parties from different places on earth swapping home for an agreed period of time. House swaps give holiday makers an authentic experience at a fraction of the price of any hotel. To embark upon a house swap you can now visit any number of websites that enable potential house swappers to meet up and “swap homes”.



Camping has been a favorite with holiday makers (especially in Britain) for many years. Camping accommodation used to be uncomfortable and quite frankly a grim experience but technology has changed this. Camping can now be done in relative luxury with the introduction of super tents, improved cooking stoves and even blow up sofas. To really get the most out of camping travel to a warmer climate, the South of France is a favorite with many campers as it offers a great camping environment and even better camping facilities on site.



Ok boat accommodation is certainly not cheap and is exclusive to a certain group of people with a certain amount of money. If you are looking at boat accommodation there are numerous factors you need to take into account. One, what kind of boat are you looking to stay on? Two, where are you going to stay? And what is your budget? Numerous companies now offer tourists the opportunity to pick bespoke trips on a boat of choice. Boat accommodation will be special, just ensure you’re not partial to a spot of sea-sickness.


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