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First Official Trailer: Vampire Thriller ‘The Moth Diaries’

Posted on the 25 February 2012 by Cinesilver @MyCineSilver

First Official Trailer: Vampire Thriller ‘The Moth Diaries’IFC Films has unveiled the Official Trailer of a horror-thriller called ‘The Moth Diaries’. Acclaimed Filmmaker Mary Harron (American Psycho) is back with this evocative vampire story set at an all-girl boarding school. Director Mary Harron scripted the film based on Rachel Klein’s novel. The project stars Sarah Bolger, Sarah Gadon, Lily Cole, Scott Speedman, Valerie Tian and Judy Parfitt. The film ‘The Moth Diaries’ shows how the boarding school friendship between Rebecca (Sarah Bolger) and Lucy (Sarah Gadon) is shattered by the arrival of Ernessa (Lily Cole). Is Ernessa a normal girl or does she possess dark secrets that seems to involve the supernatural Or Vampires.

Watch the first official trailer for Mary Harron’s vampire tale ‘The Moth Diaries’ via yahoo

Synopsis of the film:

The film ‘The Moth Diaries’ is about Rebecca (essayed by Sarah Bolger), a sixteen year old girl, who is haunted by her father’s suicide. She enrolls in a girl’s boarding school and develops friendship with Lucy (essayed by Sarah Gadon). But the friendship between Rebecca and Lucy is shattered by the arrival of a dark and mysterious new student named Ernessa (essayed by Lily Cole). Lucy falls under Ernessa’s spell and develops weakness for her. Rebecca, whose concern are rejected by Lucy finds herself lost and confused and begins to develop a crush on her handsome English teacher Mr. Davies (essayed by Scott Speedman). Rebecca starts to suspect that Ernessa is dangerous, evil, a vampire. Is there any truth to all this or is Rebecca slipping into insanity?

To get the answer, you got to see the movie ‘The Moth Diaries’ which will be released by IFC on April 20th, 2012.

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