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First Full Week...

By Kc2610 @kc2610
It is Friday of my first full week at college and with the horses. And I am writing in my gap between lectures, where I have come home for an hour's nap. Yep, I am tired!!
It's a strangely satisfying tired though, and I really didn't mind waking up at 5.15am this morning to do two horses before college. The horses are pretty much the only thing that will make me jump out of bed so I am grateful for even having them to go and ride in the early morning. It is the best part of the day!
College has been going okay, I haven't exactly made any friends yet because everyone is already grouped into their friendships from last year and it's quite hard to find somewhere to fit in. Although it's not like I've made a huge effort - I'm always running in and out of college to the horses or to pick something up etc, or just do my homework in the library so I have more time to ride after college. I have met a couple of people who are also new this year so hopefully we can all stick together and not be so alone.
As for the horses, they are all going great and loving their new home. I have a competition with Seb tomorrow, so I'll write again after that with the result! Time to go back to college now though.... It is so strange being there again I must admit.

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