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First Experience Traveling Abroad!

By Hendra @tukangminggat
Have you ever read your very first journal when having very first amusing experience? Yeah, the euphoria you could feel inside the writing must have been very exaggerating. You could see how at that time you wrote all single tiny moment in detail. You could see how at that time you don’t wanna miss any thing told there.


Coincidentally, while I was tidying up the books on the shelves, I found a notebook. There, I found my first experience abroad article, when traveling to Singapore in 2007. I could feel the spirit of explosive in the text. All the things I wrote there in details. Started with anything I do, any place I go, and how much money I spent. Hmm, seems that the travel blogging hobby was about to begin at that time, although my English and the way I did the story telling was very pathetically lame, lols …
One sentence popping up when reading that note, “Gosh, did I really write this??” I mean, blimey! I feel like reading a five year old kid’s essay, very unstructured, the explanation was so random, way unbelievable.
Well, without further ado, let’s trace back what happened on November, 13th 2007 in Singapore…

Singapore FREAKZ!!

You know somethin’, once I visited this country, it is terrifically amusing me! Not only the scenery, but also the interesting multi-etnic atmosphere crowds inside! Chinese, Indian, Malayan, European and others, they blend and color the day!!


Ok, 1st thing to see, I was almost lost when I walked alone through… I dunno what place it was, but hey, there was a beautiful and silent region,with a river, ships, tourist (When  typed this, I realized, it was River Side by midnight). Then I was also like a dumb searching for a ticket counter to go to Malaysia (What and how the hell to get on MRT is??)

Next drop is SENTOSA island!! Yeah, this was the place where I start to love this country. The journey began when the taxi dropped us at Vivo City. I though Sentosa is just about a Mall and we will spend our dollars just for visiting a high building that we can find in Jakarta?

Certainly not!!

We have to  get into Sentosa Express, a train for sure, SGD 3/ each. We got ticket by which we can stop at every station in Sentosa. First, they brought us to Imbiah station. I saw a giant Merlion and met a two years old cute little boy. His name is… err, dunno, I forget already, Ray or Jay. I took his pic and we took ours. I promise to my self that I have to have a son like him! (Did I really write this at that time?? OMG).

The waterfall under Giant Merlion statue at the Imbian park


The trip continued to beach park and the Underwater park. A little bit disappointing when entering the Underwater park for SGD 19 because for me Sea World in Jakarta is way better than this.

Next is Gosh!! Song of the Sea!! The fountain, the laser images, firework, fire bomb, fountain again, the dancing, singing, beautiful princess! Woww, how the way they do that! Saddest thing one is, my cellphone was off, so I can’t record the show (Dear god, forgive me for being so gaudy at that time -__-”).


I really drew this picture on the note to memorize how the laser show look like, my god…

Now I’ i river side pont and a lot of people passed by. I am all alon and I do really wanna stay here, for couple of month maybe, while waiting for having job call… (What a gloomy sad ending, isn’t it? lols. I can’t stop laughing after reading this journal) 

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