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First Day of School/Homeschool

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

Adrian was so excited to go off to school this morning. I know he had trouble sleeping last night because I put the kids to bed at 8:00 like I always do on school nights and I peaked in there periodically and at 11:00 he was still awake. This morning I woke him up at 7:30 and I woke him up by saying “Adrian, you go to school today” and he woke up with a big smile and started getting ready.

As to be expected on the first day his bus was pretty late but he was patient and we sat out on the step and waited. When it got there I was so very relieved to see a tiny bus with three women on it greeting him with huge smiles and “Hi Adrian!” It really put this mama’s heart at ease to see there was adequate help and they all seemed so nice.

His bus was almost 30 minutes late bringing him home and I was really anxious to see him but I knew the bus would probably be running late so I stayed pretty calm. I called my husband a couple times with my “I’m getting worried, how long should I wait before I start calling people?” I was about 3 minutes away from calling when the bus pulled up. He was happy to be home and gave me a big hug.

I tore open his backpack right away to find a paper from his teacher, she had written down everything he had done today and each item had a smiley face next to it so he had an excellent day.

Here is Mr. Adrian this morning:

First Day of School/Homeschool

The girls started homeschooling today and we had an excellent day. I made our schedule and figured we may end up veering off but it went exactly like I planned and I’m really happy. I’m not using a specific curriculum, I’ve been pulling resources from various places and it takes more planning but it allows me to be a bit more creative (I hope) with their lessons. I don’t want to go on and on about homeschooling but I’ll just say a few of the things the girls are working on. Nevaeh is working on her sight words, the letter A (she went to preschool and knows all of her letters and most of the sounds they make but we are brushing up on all of our letters), she knows how to count to 10 and write her numbers although some of them end up backwards so we’re working on that, and her 5 senses. We are also doing lots of arts and crafts and talking a lot about the calendar and weather. Sanura is working on some spelling and vocabulary, quite a bit of reading comprehension stuff, the scientific method, brushing up on multiplication and division for math right now, we are doing a Vikings unit study, and we are working on geography one US state at a time right now. So it was a fun and busy day! The only thing I realized I had forgotten at the end of the day was our writing stuff, I had pulled some materials and had a plan but forgot to write a time slot for it on the schedule so we’ll make sure that gets in there tomorrow.

Here are the girls this morning:

Both girls working:

First Day of School/Homeschool

Sanura-5th Grade

First Day of School/Homeschool


First Day of School/Homeschool

And just another of Nevaeh from the other day:

First Day of School/Homeschool

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