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{First Day of Classes}

By Whimofthesouth
{First Day of Classes}Alright y'all, I'm not going to post the typical first day of classes outfit. To be honest I didn't even know what I was wearing until this morning. All I was focused on was getting up and out of bed with enough time to run to Starbucks before class started. Thankfully it's syllabus week so all of the professors are pretty lenient on supplies. By the time I got to Joann's Fabric Store last night, they were closed (who closes at 6 on a Sunday...honestly) So my supplies will have to wait until the next class period. I am also struck with the problem of having to carry all of my books to class (which have somehow been left at home today...intentionally) in a bag that is both flattering and won't make me keel over. See the struggle? I'm pretty sure there's no humanly way possible to carry the load of books I am required to bring to class, in a classy and cute way. My hopes for today are that I can get through it without needing a second Starbucks, the professors linger on the syllabus in each class, and that I actually like my classes. It's the hardest thing for me to maintain focus in classes that I don't care for. You have to be a great professor and connect with me on my own wave length for me to actually understand what you're talking pressure. Besides with my skinny caramel flan latte & my nails the pantone color of the year...what could go wrong right? (let's not jinx it)For all of you babes still in school, have a fabulous day...and if you're headed to work and fighting those Monday blues, remember it's a day closer to Friday! xoBCC

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