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First and Second Breakfast

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

I eat like a hobbit sometimes, except today instead of two breakfasts I enjoyed two dinners.


Yep, you guessed it. By the Gloria’s Sambosa it’s pretty obvious my commute is back on and classes have started. I can’t get these delicious bites anywhere except in Santa Cruz since Gloria’s is a local bakery that stocks the local Whole Foods and Café’s with these addicting sambosas.


I enjoyed some deconstructed Ants on a Log around 2pm



This is by far one of my favorite snacks. Once I took pictures I mixed the raisins into the peanut butter so I could dip.

Open-mouthed smile


I didn’t plan on being hungry at 4:30 but when hunger strikes I’ve learned it’s better to feed the beast so I re-heated some of my Mom’s Tuna Noodle Casserole.


This is one of those dishes that always hits the spot. It’s also something that my family in Illinois would make us when we visit because they consider it “healthy”. We eat really “healthy” compared to them with our bouts of vegetarianism/veganism and our tendency to order salads for meals. Apparently tuna makes this dish fit in the category. Let’s just forget about the topping of Ruffles chips and cans of cream of mushroom soup that create the base.

Winking smile

Second Dinner

I planned this meal all day! The one good thing about commuting.


Sambosa time!


I also picked up my favorite drink that I can’t seem to find in Salinas either.



Well this concludes a GREAT day of eats. Day 1 has been a snap.

Oh… I almost forgot I have the BEST news. Jaemen is going to join the fun this spring and workout with me for the next 11 weeks. He wants to get ready for beach season too, so starting tomorrow I have a workout partner for the next 65 workouts and ~303 meals.

Open-mouthed smile

Couldn’t be happier. See ya’ll tomorrow.

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