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First Aid: Heat Stroke

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
Heat Stroke is a common concern of climbers during climbs. In a tropical country like ours, a lot of us plan to go on an outdoor activities during summer. Which make us a candidate for heat stroke. Most of the time, summer here is really hot. That's why we have a big chance of experiencing heat stroke. Why don't we
What is Heat Stroke?
Heatstroke is a condition in which the body becomes overheated in a relatively short space of time.This can be a life-threatening condition, requiring urgent medical attention.
What are the symptoms of heat stroke?
  • hot and dry skin
  • severe headaches
  • dizziness
  • weakness
  • disorientation
  • fatigue
  • seizure
  • loss of consciousness
How can we manage heat stroke?
  • It is best to get the victims body temperature down as quickly as possible to avoid brain damage or even worst death.
  • Take off all the victim's clothes
  • If possible submerge the victim in cool water or cover him/her with ice bags
  • Keep the victim moist (if no water is available, use any other method of cooling down the victim)
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