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First Aid Basics – the Recovery Position

Posted on the 04 July 2013 by Gareth Jones @tutorcare

One of the basic, but arguably most important, things you will learn on a first aid training course is how to put an ill or injured person into the recovery position. You can learn how to get the recovery position just right by following the tips below. However, you will never be fully confident until you’ve had some real practice under the supervision of a professional first aid trainer.

The basics of the recovery position are as follows:

• You need to gently turn the person onto their side, making sure that their arms and upper leg are at right angles to the body (in order to support it)
• You should tilt the head back and lift the person’s chin forward so that their airways are open
• Put the person’s upper hand under their cheek, with the head resting on the back of the
• Make sure there is no danger of the person rolling in either direction
• Call the emergency services
• Continuously monitor the person’s pulse and breathing
• After 30 minutes, turn the person over to the other side if their injuries allow it.

It is very important to remember with the recovery position that it should not be attempted if you suspect the person has a spinal injury.

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