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Fiona Smith Posted a Blog Post

By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today
Fiona Smith posted a blog post

The Benefits of Having a Mentor Relationship

The benefit of having an employer who is a mentor is that they can help you navigate your career, and advance down a career path 5 to 10 years from now. A mentor can also help answer tough questions and gain perspective about the industry. You can find a mentor informally. But it is important to choose a mentor who has the right kind of attitude that matches yours, and it is also important to maintain proper etiquette. You may become friends with a mentor; however, you want to limit sharing details about your personal life and keep it on a professional basis.There are long-term advantages of a mentor-mentee relationship, and it can be a positive development opportunity you offer employees. The employee may better be able to solve problems and perform at their best. The employer is able gain greater productivity in the workplace by helping the employee adjust to the new work environment. It builds a more positive work environment, and creates less company turnovers by allowing new employees to navigate the work sphere and not isolate themselves from their co-workers. The collaboration builds stronger communication and leads to a stronger organization.The perfect example of a mentor-mentee relationship at work is in the restaurant industry. A sous chef is second-in-command to the chef and helps with the tedious preparation work for the day. What makes the job more enjoyable is the constant communication and back-and-forth banter with whom they’re working. The best part of the job is learning while cooking. Celebrity chefs and their now famous protégées have benefited from the mentor-mentee relationship. They have a long-term mutually beneficial relationship, and mentees who are now advancing their careers, like the dynamic duo Gordon Ramsey and Marco Pierre White.About the author:Fiona Smith is a content writer and student at DePaul University in the city of Chicago. She has a lot respect for the service industry having worked as a server and barista. You can find her articles at More

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