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Finished at Last

By Bertyc @bertyc
Wow, it all comes down to this. Almost two years of working on a project that turns out to be quite massive and it seems over instantly. But we did it. We pulled into Adelaide across the timing finish line around 4:15 today. We were the top Canadian team, with U of T pulling in maybe 30 minutes later. That puts us in I believe 12th place. We had an Australian team nipping at our heals on the last day and they passed us earlier in the day. There are no official results yet.
Now because we pulled in across the timing finish line so late in the day - we don't actually get to cross the real finish line until tomorrow morning. So we trailered our car and went to the hotel with it. Tomorrow morning we bring the car back to the outskirts of the city and drive it in. We get to drive down the tram tracks into the City center and cross the ceremonial finish line - hopefully to a lot of fanfare.
I apologize that this is so short but there will be more tomorrow. I have been incredibly sick all day and unable to do much or make updates at our stops. I hope to post pictures in the next 8-10 hours.

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