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Finding Your Ideal Movie

Posted on the 21 September 2011 by Tjatkinson @T_J_atkinson

Finding Your Ideal Movie

People who use IMDb (i.e probably everyone who is reading this) have likely noticed the “Recommendations” bar at the bottom of movie pages which lists five recommendations of films you might like if you liked the film featured on said page. I have found that this formula rarely works and so I’ve decided to try and simplify it. With your help.

The only thing you need to do is ridiculously simple. Name up to ten films that you really like, or love. They all need to be from a different genre or subgenre. They also need to be from different directors. So basically, ten films, all irrelevant to each other in both genre and creation (actors who star in them don’t count. You could have ten Harrison Ford movies, for example, so long as they were all from different genres and directors).

What I will do is I will use my knowledge of film, film genres and basic trivia as well as a formula I’ve created to recommend to you ten films that you are more than likely to love based on each individual film you have named. All the films you name need to be ones you like, and it’s preferred if you didn’t put obvious ones like The Godfather or Citizen Kane.

When I reply to your comment with my recommendations, I’d like you to reply back with how many of them you’ve seen. This all goes into my formula. If you’d like to know what the formula is, I’ll be revealing it once this post gets fifteen comments from people listing films they like. So share this post around, please! It’s all part of an experiment I’ve devised, and I just want to see what the results will be. So get commenting!

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