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Finding Contentment Is Finding Happiness

By Kaye

Finding Contentment is Finding Happiness

Finding Contentment

I have said this a million times and maybe millions out there would agree with me, contentment is happiness. So if you find contentment, you have then found happiness. Buthow to find contentment? How to find happiness? Often times, we would whine over petty things. We overlooked many good things around us and focused on trivial things which we thought would give us the feeling of fulfillment. Finding contentment in our hearts is what many of us are trying to win because only with contentment, we will find ways how to find happiness.

There are times, we would redirect our lives just to find happiness. Our own version of happiness. In this pursuit, we tend to block our way to the smallest thing that’s been there in front of us. We screened our eyes from seeing small beautiful things around us. Contentment will be too elusive to reside in our hearts then and we will fritter our whole life searching for things and people who would fill that empty space and would just end up hollow because nothing could fill an empty heart searching for happiness but a sense of contentment.

Find Happiness Around You

African Child

I found this image on my Facebook news feed from a Fanpage I am following and I can’t help but adore this child. Don’t you?

The child is a picture perfect of happiness. The smile on his face depicts contentment. The smile is so contagious. Looking at this image, I see nothing but innocence. I see appreciation. I see contentment. I see happiness. If a child can find contentment in the smallest thing around him, so does everyone can. We just have to look for happiness. We should find our happiness. To stay happy is more than just a choice. I believe happiness is more of an obligation to ourselves. We owe ourselves the best. Everyone deserves to be happy. Yes, it is easier said than done and for many, finding happiness is a struggle. It’s a long winding road and before reaching your target, you may have to go through many ups and down. Not everyone who are happy haven’t had their moments of doom. They too had. They too shed tears. They too were broken but they chose to stand up and pick themselves and find happiness with what is left with them. You just have to learn how to find happiness around you and transforming small good things into contentment.

Stay Happy and Contented

As they say, life is a roller coaster ride. It’s a spinning wheel too. Your position in life is variable so does your happiness. What matters is you know your ways of finding happiness and contentment even in the smallest thing around you. There are times, you would grow tired of something or of someone. Sometimes, you would wake up one morning and you’re no longer happy with the things and people who used to cheer you up. Does it mean, something went wrong with you? Or maybe something went wrong with them?

We people grew. We changed and changes are good sometimes. Because we adapt to things around us, that explains why our standard of happiness changes too. I call it direction. You have to make choices and for every decision you make, you have to take into consideration its impact on you in the long run. Choose things and people who will make you happy. It is important to stay happy and contented in all your endeavors in life. Even if life would knock you out sometimes, it is not reason to be doomed. There will always be reasons to smile. There will always be reasons to stay happy and contented. How to find contentment is an art of life and how to find happiness requires mastery.

Remember, happiness won’t find you. Look for it because finding contentment is finding happiness.

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