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Find Your Uniqueness. Let It Nourish Your Spirit!

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

“Celebrate yourself by being yourself, accepting yourself, and  loving yourself.  What do you value about yourself?  What do you appreciate about yourself?  Weed out and discard all external factors of what you think makes up your being; for example:  weight, money, friends, work, etc.  None of these things can ever complete your life.”

“Rejoice in your uniqueness!  Sing, even if you cannot carry a tune!  Dance in the rain, have a snowball fight, run through a sprinkler, build a fort with blankets, make something origami!  Find what makes you unique; celebrate it, let it nourish your Spirit.”

“Take time every single day to laugh and discover what makes you happy.  It’s important (mentally and physically) to maintain our sense of self.  We need to rediscover our creativity and remember the simple things we’re great at!  To reclaim a joy or hobby or an artistic quality will bring us back to our sense of self, our creative muse, that feeling of accomplishment and pride.  In re-experiencing that quality, one can bust stress and find a bit of peace and quiet inside their mind.”

Find Your Uniqueness.  Let It Nourish Your Spirit!

Find Your Uniqueness.  Let It Nourish Your Spirit!

(quotes from: “Booyah! Spirit: 52 Ingredients For a Healthy Soul. Suffering is Optional. photo from: our 2010 Christmas card photo shoot in our front yard.  It started out being a nice shot of the kids in the snow… it resulted in a series of candid shots of them covered in snow!)

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