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Find Your Inner Phileas Fogg

By Thecleverpup @TheCleverPup
Find Your Inner Phileas FoggIf you feel like giving into your Steampunk whims - and who doesn't every now and then - I recommend visiting Steampunk Emporium. The creative people that curate have invented characters whose outfits satisfy your alter ego.
Barnaby Clifton (above) is an intrepid driver who's infamous for owning the first horseless carriage in the district. His costume comprises a linen duster, a plaid vest, mid-calf boots, a cap, brass googles and to top it off, a debonair stage mustache.
Find Your Inner Phileas FoggBryson Feldspar, researcher in Alternative Sciences, totes a piece of fictitious steampunk artillery called the Big Daddy. He's sporting railhead pants, silk sleeve garters, and a felt derby hat.
Find Your Inner Phileas FoggBesides displaying his "Oil Can Harry" moustache and leather aviator cap, Baron von Frohman, manufacturer of steam powered dirigibles, demonstrates his  fantastic Gunner's Canvas Trench Coat.
Hazel Barret , my namesake, is an Egyptian Expeditonist who holds her own among the most learned of gentleman  (how did they know?) As part of her costume Hazel wears a brushed twill convertible riding skirt, a green suede vest  and glacier goggles.
Find Your Inner Phileas Fogg
You don't have to stick with these ensembles as the site offers a vast collection of just about everything. And by example I mean over 120 waistcoats that would suit your inner Phileas Fogg, your Jim West or your Oliver Wendell Douglas. The Ladies Emporium offers a good selection of corsets. If you're putting together a costume the site offers fake moustaches, plus monacles, goggles, specatacles, bathing costumes and a wide range of hats.
Most of these clothes, or costumes can be adapted to Victorian, Edwardian or Wild West scenarios. Be it one for Gentlemen, Ladies or fans of Steampunk these "emporia" are simply fantastic. My husband now owns two of the striped vest/trousers combinations. Made of a good quality twill and canvas, the seem to be cut from an authentic pattern. I find their prices quite reasonable and they ship quickly. They are definitely unique.
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