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Finally Windows 7 Beats Windows XP

Posted on the 14 September 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
windows 7 beats windows xp
In recent years, Windows XP even though the word is old school but I did masuh become the most widely used platform PC users around the world. One reason is the failure of his first successor, Windows Vista which is not good in many ways so that users unwilling to upgrade to Vista. But now the successor to Vista, Windows 7 finally beats XP.
Researcher Net Applications' statistics states that Windows 7 is more widely used than Windows XP and be number one with 42.76 percent of the number of data users worldwide. Windows XP itself lost narrowly with 42.52 percent rate. While Windows Vista was ranked third with 6:15 figures per cent, followed by the Mac OS X version 10.7 percent with numbers 2:45 in fourth.
Microsoft's latest platform, Windows 8 is already on rank 9 with 00:23 percent rate. Obviously this figure will skyrocket soon after the official launch to the public for the OS that will occur in the 26 October.
origin source by Neowin

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