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Finally Face to Face: People Skills

By Shawnaschuh
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This past Friday the early morning group I lead, the 5:15 team – those hardy people I’ve mentioned many times in this blog – who have agreed to arise and be on an early morning call – at 5:15 to be exact – five days a week, finally met face to face.

What an experience!

I know almost all of them so I had a bit of an advantage – only one person I had never met showed up and surprised me with her presence and she didn’t look anything like I had pictured her in my mind.

I think a lot of the group had feelings like that –

Thinking internally, “I thought they’d be older or younger, taller or shorter, dark verses light or vise a versa.”

It was a study in how our perceptions are formed and altered when we add another sense – in this case, our sight – to the picture.

I learned a couple of things – I seem to always learn a couple of things everywhere I go!

First – when a group of people do anything together they feel a kinship – this makes them care and want to know each other better and in more personal ways –

This we cannot do over the phone or the web. It is a human experience to be face to face and anytime someone cares for someone else – some form of face to face seems called for.

Second – What we envision in our minds, or what we’ve made up in our minds about someone, is very often way off the mark, laughingly so. In this case I was not expecting red hair – so it was a joy to get a real picture to go with the real wonderful voice I hear in the mornings.

The lesson here is to be open, to accept, to know you have experienced the other person’s essence even if the physical experience is not as you envisioned – and let the face to face be the true, “feast for the eyes” – of taking in another’s coloring, clothing and the warmth of their embrace and smile.

The current 5:15 team has now officially met in person – well, almost all of us – and with our continued early morning calls I believe it will be richer and deeper for the experience – because now we have the picture to go with the essence – and for me at least I’ll be envisioning smiles and color and people to go with the laughter in the voice.

This makes me happy. Who do you need to meet face to face? Who could you experience in a deeper way by meeting them in person? Can you schedule it today?

Remember, you create your day by the way you think. Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna

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