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Finally Coming Home to Thailand

By Latitude34 @Lat34Travel
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Finally coming Home to Thailand

In a couple weeks it will be 5 months since we left our little apartment in Thailand and headed for a trip around the world. Now, 137 days and 23 countries later, we are just a couple weeks away from finally coming home to Thailand. While Phuket is our adopted home, we still get excited when we get back to Thailand and this time we have a ton of cities to visit, islands to explore and villages to get lost in. So from Phuket in the South to Chiang Mai in the North, these are the places we are looking forward to visiting in the next couple months.

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While we live in Phuket and always enjoy spending days exploring the island, there are loads of smaller islands close to Phuket which are are excited to explore. While we love spending a holiday in Phi Phi every couple months, we have been hearing only amazing things about other, smaller islands in the south of Thailand like Kho Chang and Kho Tao, both of which we plan to visit once we return to Thailand. While we love partying in Phi Phi every now and then, we are excited to visit some more laid back islands and enjoy a weekend relaxing in the sun and not dancing the night away on the beach with college students on a gay year to find themselves. (Note: This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan a gap year, you have to!) We are also looking forward to simply enjoying parts of Phuket we rarely visit like Bangtao beach in the North of the island and getting to know Phuket Town a lot better, where we are planning to move when we get back. We are particularly to enjoy a weekend at the Foto Hotel in Phuket, one of the coolest hotels we have ever stayed at, but considering it is a photography themed hotel, anyone who knows us is probably not surprised.

“Sukhumvit Soi 11 is an especially popular street and there is even a Paris themed bar hidden in the back of a club which only serves Absinthe cocktails!”

While the south of Thailand is a beautiful part of the country, we also have a blast in Bangkok and never feel like we have explored all the city has to offer. While we have explored the zoo, Grand Palace and all the don’t miss temples in Bangkok, we are very excited to next explore the up and coming Sukhimvit area during our next visit. Sukhumvit is a hip neighborhood which has transformed from its slightly seedier past, to a new urban city center with hip, fresh and exciting restaurants, clubs and bars. Sukhumvit Soi 11 is an especially popular street and there is even a Paris themed bar hidden in the back of a club which only serves Absinthe cocktails! The last time we visited Bangkok we took the 14 hours bus from Phuket, which proved to be a completely terrible choice, as flight to Bangkok from Phuket can be as low as $35 US if you book in advance, and even under $60 if you book the day of sometimes. For this trip we are excited to book Bangkok hotels with Webjet, a website we have used many times but now offer great deals via their Twitter and Facebook pages, you know us, always up to date with our social media trends and channels.

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While the majority of visitors to Thailand will be visiting Phuket or Bangkok, Chiang Mai in the north of the country remains one of our favorite cities in all of SE Asia. Chiangmai lacks the beaches of the south and the big city feeling of Bangkok, but what it lacks in size it sure makes up for in character. Chiangmai has the laid back feeling of a college town but with so much more character. The thai life seems more relaxed, care free and open in Chiangmai, a feeling much welcomed after a busy weekend in Bangkok or the busy beaches of Phuket. Not only is Chiangmai a quieter and in some ways, authentic, it is quite a bit cheaper too. We loved our quick weekend in Chiangmai last year and enjoyed a wonderful Thai cooking class as well as an exciting trip to Tiger Kingdom just outside of the city where we got to play with tigers!

So, while we are sad to see our trip around the world come to an end, we are bubbling with excitement about all the great adventures we have left in Thailand and the memories we have yet to make!

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