Final Considerations About This Wonderful Year 2014

Posted on the 14 December 2014 by Luciano Pacini
For my last post I want to take stock of what I have been writing during this amazing year. Anyway don’t worry, when I say my last post, I mean just for now, because you will never get rid of me, as well you know: my light is infinite.Anyhow while I was writing I have recognized that is not easy to talk about of all my wonderful thoughts and concepts because they are really a lot, so I have chosen a criteria: my line is to consider those which have had more views, rewarding in this way my readers. 
Even with these prefaces I have created a rich and intense post, so I suggest you to read only when you have enough time, or at least you can divide it in "episodes" interspersed by these nice photos of Tuscan landscapes. Have a nice reading but above all have a nice trip into yourself. Final considerations about this wonderful year 2014So we have begun this journey talking about the relations that intercurres between love and meaning of life, trying to understand that it can happen that two people can express the same life and the same heart, however it is a miracle, an extraordinary event of rare beauty. 
Obviously you must be careful and don't necessarily make it because everything must be by nature; in order that, it is very important to understand the difference between love and desire to love; in fact many people think they have found love, only because they need it. If you don’t want make these mistakes, remember that to know yourself is the first thing and this has something to do with "the meaning of life". Too often it happens that instead of thinking like that, people take for granted to be on a stage where everyone plays a role, so "the real love" is hard to understand because you just want to look into others the resolution of your problems. Is not right, before you must become the sun of yourself, if not you will be a reflected light. First try to be you a sunshine!
Many people didn't understand that and so they complain about their life and their job, actually is not easy to find a person who is completely satisfied about that, but those whom complain are the ones whom don't want to change themselves and prefers asking others to change. The right solution is not pretending that always everything is perfect, sometimes is human to don't be satisfied, but you don’t have to stop just there, I mean you must think and act in the direction that you feel more righteous. Today there are all possibilities to do what you want. Don’t find excuses. Avoid to think that in order to reach your happiness you must change the things and the people around you. I mean, you can do it but first of all you must look inside yourself and understand who you are and what you really want. Then you can start with your actions; because only looking at things and people with different “Eyes”, you will see things and people change.With this metaphor I can say that too often people think to be the owners of their lives, but they don’t recognize that they are just renting it. Whether you like or not, you are "a guest of your life". You can never be completely the owner because everything will pass and goes, even yourself, but at least try to live a full life! From certain point of view your life goes in one direction, because you have a time limit, so you must always go forward and don’t look back too much at your past if it gives you pain, just move on and look in front of you; don’t permit that your past experiences give you some complex, because in this way you won’t have a free mind able to make right choices; so you have to forget everything about your past? Of course not! And so what do you should remember? Is in this way: if you have nice memories, something that you can consider a valuable experience, so bring them with you! I can say that working hard is an important characteristic that great achievers have. Good achievements are not just one step process, you have to work through many steps, obviously. To make every single step you need the right energy, preparation, passion and the right motivation. This can be a good recipe.Final considerations about this wonderful year 2014So in your life you must looking for the right desire, that’s inside you, not outside. Something that will make you begin as you really want. Just start, don’t be scared, or do you just want to be like everybody? If you really want something, more than the usual things, you need to go against the wind to realize “The aspirations of your heart”. And when finally you will catch the trade winds in your sails, will be easier for you; but this will come after. You already “have”, or better, you already “are” the initial spark, something that would give a vital boost to your “New Life”. This is very important; don’t wait for a favourable wind, but learn how riding in the storm. So you have to start and this can happen, because for a larger part it depends on you; a big mistake that people do is looking for far away those thing which are already inside their hearts; so while you are going in your own and right way, I know when you don’t expect, the wind will turn and run in your favour. In this way you will discover the World and Yourself.After all of this, another important thing for you is to understand the difference that there is between to have success and to be successful. Those who think it is important to have success are the ones that usually focus on something and they think if they have that thing then they will act in a certain way and as a result they will be someone of important. I am sure is not like that. People who truly have success is because they are successful and then they act accordingly and getting what they want. Instead of being focused on getting something or complaining because you lack something, is better if you start to focus on the person you want to be; as you should see yourself. Always remember that people can’t get unbalanced results from what they really are. This can happen for some time, but when there is a success that is long maintained over the time, it means that person has something of important inside.Begin to act as if you are already that person, almost like if you have already achieved that result, you try to begin feeling in that way, involving yourself with that energy, then the results obtained will be the normal result, and when you will finally get that result, it will be the right result for who you are. 
Maybe now you think that to do all of that you need to be too perfect. Anyway I have talked about genius and how is important to understand in which way this content is related with "ideas". So without any affectations I believe that almost all ideas are second-hand, this is a matter of fact; people should stop deceiving themselves thinking to have been “the first one”. Consciously and unconsciously ideas are drawn from a million outside sources and used with pride but above all with the illusion that you are the only one who have just originated them. Yes, because at the end a real genius is somebody who have had an idea that anybody else before has ever had. I guess also for this reason, because originality, by definition, requires breaking out from the common canon, geniuses are often subjected to ridicule and rejection before they come to be revered; actually they are completely understood only after their death. So this is a complicate topic and a good question could be, are genius made or born? In any case I guess you must born in a certain way, with some talent in you, but of course you must work on it a lot to develop yourself and become a genius, so I can say it is a mix of factors. What can make the difference is when a person is able to create really something of different from others. Because for example everybody can write but not everybody invents new forms of writing. Anyway I think that the criterion for judging talent or genius is ephemeral, speaking rationally in this "world of graphs"; first of all you must be less machines and more humans to understand what I want to say. Don’t think also that can be so easy to be a genius, remember that skills imitate genius, because there is nothing else to imitate, so at least you can be a good interpret, this is more realistic. Genius gives birth, you deliver; often the originator of new language forms is called pretentious by jealous talents. After realizing this, I can say that geniuses can be reckless either sober; they can be totally different people but what unites them is the fact that a genius is a person who originates something of never known before and that will remain for long time after. 
Final considerations about this wonderful year 2014In this way for example even who has invented the phone is a genius. I think it is wonderful that with new technology we can communicate with people who are close to our hearts but maybe physically far away from us. The only thing is that you should not take for granted the fact that those who call you with phone should have your priority, because philosophically speaking the priority must have the person with whom we are talking “face to face”. This is a simple concept but is not so popular. The real conversation is an art and it will never die, it is just changing and evolving during the time but the smartphone as a principal it is neutral, is just a tool, and it depends only from the people, they are the only who can give it a positive or a negative connotation. In fact for example many emergency situations have been resolved thanks to a call from a mobile, but on the other hands we all know how can be annoying somebody that instead of chatting with us prefer looking at the phone screen. So its normal use it is good because is like to have a little computer in your pocket and in communication nowadays is impossible to don’t consider internet, which has characteristics such as speed and brevity, similar to spoken language, and rigidity, typical of written expressions. But when you send someone a selfie and publish it on Facebook or Instagram I believe that is not necessarily because you want to look cool. The truth is that when you send someone a selfie is because you simply need attention; for some reasons the photo is just an excuse to don’t write: “I was wondering if you were thinking of me!" Because you really would like in the morning open your eyes and find a message of a good day, even with or without a selfie.Anyhow it looks like that women use phone and computer more than men, but what for me is interesting the fact that women are the majority who follow me here. I was wondering why and I have found the answer. Women read me and understand me because a book about women is not just a book about them; it is actually a book about history of art, literature and philosophy. “The world of women” allows reflections, discussions. It is sensuality, beauty and attraction but it isn’t just that. The female figure is a symbol, it is an evanescence dream that a lot of men will never reach till the end. There are so many combinations and so many illustrations of women’s art works and all the artists since ever they have just tried at least to illuminate the mystery that belongs to those “Venus”. A book of philosophy could be almost exclusively a book about women, such is the amount of work that they have inspired from the "ancient world" till "nowadays", because the woman is the most discussed topic since ever and she has always influenced the man inspiring him and his greatest creative manifestations. It can be enough just thinking about poems too. For “the romantic man” the real muse can be only the woman. In this way poets try to interprets these streets.
Yes, because at the end Life is a trip and people around us, rather family and friends, are not just people as you think; from my concept, these people are more like a company of our journey. They are people who are traveling with you for a certain period of your life. From here comes the romantic dream to find a trip mates for all of your existence. So now you understand that when you start visiting places, meet people of different cultures and lifestyle, you realize that travel opens your mind and soul. But don't forget that the real journey is the life itself. The people around you, even family and friends, are just partners of this path. Try to be able to make the joy the most important companion of this wonderful trip called life.
So I want to conclude my long argument saying that I know we are so weak and limited and we depend a lot by the time, but the incredible fact is that we are able to create things that are destined to win any type of slavery. Your body disappears, but what you have created remains. The “soul” is not a set of neurons or a biochemical process that “die with death”. I am thinking about a possibility of immortality that can be different from any other philosophical or religious statement. What I am talking about is something achieved through the works. I am sure that a person can succeed in what I call a “mysterious alchemical and metaphysical operation” of transferring the “soul” from the body to a great “work of art”. The “ideas” of those whom have done immortal things are still here with us. This is like a journey into this enigma; however I know that in some people the “soul” doesn’t exist but in some other it resists…and it resists into what they have thought and done of great...

Final considerations about this wonderful year 2014

The Master is relaxing and thinking about the meaning of life...

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