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Film Blog Thoughts - What's the Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

Posted on the 20 January 2012 by Raghavmodi @raghavmodi
Film Blog Thoughts - What's the difference between a Blog and a Website?
Once again a topic that covers pretty much all blog writers and again something that not necessarily have to do with just films. My thought for today is - What exactly is the difference between a Blog and a Website? Agreed, it really is not a big deal, and to be honest not many would care about it, but is there a fine line that a blogger eventually crosses that makes his blog turn into a website?
To start with take my blog(s). I feel I am a blogger. I don't post regularly. I have four blogs so I switch between them from time to time, each one covering different areas (Film, Travel, Photography, and Personal). My web addresses are all Blogspot addresses. My layouts are pretty basic from the ones available to everyone through the hosting site. My blogs are free.
On the other hand is my friend Scott's "website" Front Room Cinema. Now, I have literally seen it grow over the last year and in my view what was a blog a year back has developed beautifully into a full fledged website. Scott writes only about film. At present he has a team of writers working/volunteering for FRC. His web address is a ".com" address. He has a timeline that he adheres to and recurring features. Moreover, he has developed contacts in the Industry over the year as well. His website's layout is more "original" and not run-of-the-mill, and he has sponsors.
Film Blog Thoughts - What's the difference between a Blog and a Website?
Now, comparing my blog (just the film) to that of Scott's, anyone can see the difference. There is a certain organizational difference. His website comes across as maybe more professional. But then, Scott hasn't changed much during the year. As far as I know he has had a regular listing process from the start. So maybe he has more regular writers, but I have guest writers from time to time. Maybe he has a ".com" address, but then I have seen many "blogs" with .com addresses. Still, I feel that now Front Room Cinema can be called a website rather than just a blog.
Also take into account introducing your webpage. Say, you were to meet or talk to someone from the film industry. Would it carry more weight-age if you refer to your page as a "website" or as a "blog"? I recently met with officials from Singapore Tourism during an event and introduced myself as a blog writer. I didn't see any difference in their tone and they were wonderful hosts, but once again what if I had said I run a "website"?
So, is it just the professional aspect that matters? Is it the traffic that you get? Or is it when you have a team and are no longer the solitary blogger that your blog becomes a website? Maybe, it is the content of your webpage?
I know, once again, it don't really matter what you call it, but do you think there is a difference, or are we in such a state that blog and website are just synonymous?  
Let me know...
Note: Thank you Scott for letting me use your website as part of Movie Thoughts. 

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