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FFS!? Friday : Time is Nearly up & New Friends

By Parentalparody @parental_parody
Our holiday is nearly over. FFS!?
Come Monday I’ll be responsible for my own cooking and cleaning once more. FFS!?
And that of The Feral Threesome. FFS!?
FFS!? Friday : Time is nearly up & new friends
I’m not ready to leave. FFS!?
I’m particularly not ready to reacquaint myself with the scales, after almost a month of over-indulging. FFS!?
Speaking of over-indulging…I did a bit of that the other night.
I’ve made a new friend who was helping me prop up the bar.
I have no idea what intelligent and insightful conversations we had, but she and I are apparently firm BFF’s now.
She’s spent the past 2 days divulging all the details of her life.  She’s an over-sharer. FFS!?
Rather than out my previously drunken state and total and utter confusion, I just smile and nod. FFS!?
Everywhere I go, she’s there. FFS!?
She strikes up conversation like we’re long lost besties
I have no clue what she’s bloody talking about. FFS!?
FFS!? Friday : Time is nearly up & new friends
Clearly I was awesomeness incarnate when we did forge a deep and long lasting bond over booze, and I would hate to shatter that illusion and ruin it for her.
But each day, multiple times a day, she finds me and picks up where she last left off, detailing her personal life. FFS!?
I’m like a ninja whenever I leave my hotel room.  All stealth-like creeping and peeking around corners.  Still, she finds me. FFS!?
I wonder if The Happy Clapping would work on her?
Maybe the displaced walrus would deter her? 

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