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FFS!? Friday : Mobile Again

By Parentalparody @parental_parody

FFS!? Friday : Mobile again
I finally had my drain removed.  I am freely semi-mobile once again.  No FFS!? I celebrated by walking down the driveway and collecting the mail.  No FFS!? I tripped on an uneven paver and of course twisted my stomach in a hurty angle. FFS!? Naturally I swore like a MoFo, witnessed by a group of elderly Happy Clappers going door to door to spread the word of Jesus. FFS!? On the plus side, they did not knock at my door. No FFS!? #1Nana has been here all week doing the stuff I haven't been able to - cooking, washing, school runs - being me, only older and slightly more awesome on account of her extra years of domestic experience. No FFS!? She goes home this weekend, and I am going to have to do all of the domestic things myself once again. FFS!? I've become quite accustomed to whining about being bored, due to having nothing to do all day but laze around and wait for my tummy swelling to reduce while watching TV and tooling around online.  Those days are now numbered. FFS!?
Which only means I'm never ever going to get past the same bastard level of Candy Crush Saga that I've been stuck on for weeks.  FFS!? Aside from developing a sick competitive dependence on a Facebook game, I've also started writing down all the recipes from all the cooking shows - the ones that require 496 ingredients that can only be sourced from remote locations and specialist boutique deli's at an exorbitant price. FFS!?
Because I totes plan to make every one of them.
Clearly I need a reality check.

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