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FFS!? Friday: FFS-less....FFS

By Parentalparody @parental_parody

This is my hands-down all time favorite movie clip... AND DENNNN....? NO AND THEN! AND DENNNNNNNN...? NO AND THEN! AND DEN AND DEN AND DEN AND DEN!? NO AND THEN!
My version is: FFS.....? NO FFS! FFS....? NO FFS! FFS!? FFS!? FFS!? FFS!? NO FFS! Because this week I have nothing to FFS about. I am FFS-less. Without FFS. FFS. My woe-Man flu has finally cleared up.  I no longer sound like a pack-a-day drag queen. #1Hubby is due home today after a week away on yet another MOFO junket.  This means that I can completely hand over all parental responsibility. Just in time for the Nads 20 Year Anniversary luncheon.  Where I get to put make up on, do my hair, drink wine, hopefully stock up on wax since my supplies are getting low (had to do my lady mo before attending a wax brand's event). I received free shoes from Target, and they are the two pairs I most coveted from their store.  There is some serious Kismet going on between me and Target.  And there's also a giveaway here for those of you who want to share in the Target shoe loving. I registered for BlogHer13 in Chicago.  I told #1Hubby it is a 2 week conference and he was okay with that.  Clearly I should've gone for 3 weeks (slight, half-arsed FFS there).  Now I just need sponsors *ahem*

FFS!? Friday: FFS-less....FFS

Love. If I knew where this was I'd go steal it in the middle of the night
and mount it outside my front door.

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I spoke at Miss6's school assembly to solicit wine from minors.  Awesome.  I was actually intending to address the parents, asking for wine donations for an upcoming raffle for the school - but as everyone knows, once your kid has done their bit in the opening number/act, all the parents attempt to discretely and covertly leave in order to avoid the boring official school type assembly business.
So I was essentially asking for wine from a couple hundred minors, and only a handful of parents.
Just waiting now for the rumours to start flying about the wine hag mother who is seen carting bottles of wine around the early childhood section of the school. Bring it on.
All of that I find highly amusing and entertaining, not remotely FFS-worthy. So as you can see, it's been a totally FFS-free week for me. I promise to do better next week. It just doesn't feel right ending my blogging week without a whiney post.  FFS.

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