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FFS!? Friday : Chin Up, Soldier On, Go Hard Or Go Home

By Parentalparody @parental_parody

FFS!? Friday : Chin up, soldier on, go hard or go home

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It's been a while between whines.  FFS!? I've been mentally posting my FFS!? moments in my head while unable to blog them. Here are a few that I stored up, just to catch you up on the shit that you've missed in my absence.....you're welcome. School holidays.  And Easter. Ran out of wine in a small country town without a bottle shop.  FFS!? Ye olde Holden Commodore radiator hose cracked while I was driving to the nearest town.  FFS!? Some people would pull over and call for help. I pulled over 4 times to cool the car down before continuing my life or death mission to the bottle shop. The 20 minute trip took almost an hour.  FFS!? Tried to book a holiday Stayed up until midnight to score cheap flights on the recent Air Asia sale. No cheap flights available when we're traveling.  FFS!? Wasted a late night awake - completely sober (needed to be of clear mind while using the credit card online in the middle of the night while sleep deprived).  FFS!? Consoled myself by jumping on Gumtree, Ebay, Amazon and The Book Depository.  No FFS!? Spent about the same as the discount Air Asia fare that did not fit our travel dates.  FFS!? All goods arrived over the 2 single days I wasn't at home but #1Hubby was.  FFS!? Then we changed our travel dates and qualified for the cheap flights.  No FFS!? But they were sold out by the time I convinced #1Hubby to relinquish the Credit Card.  FFS!? Quality time with the kids Spent a lot more one-on-one time with the kids than usual during the school holidays.  FFS / No FFS!? Had a temporary lapse of good sense and decided to ban electronic devices for a week.  FFS!? Did not really think that through, as it meant I had to actually entertain the kids ALL DAY.  FFS!? As a result, Miss5 in particular has picked up some new phrases that I can't even repeat on here, lest someone report me to DOCS.  FFS!? Mstr5 lost a little of his 'Rain Man' cuteness when I realised he is just playing me 95% of the time.  FFS!? Miss8 still does her strangled seal impersonation.  Frequently.  I had assumed she'd grown out of it since I'm normally blissfully distracted by my own electronic devices.  FFS!? Spent a lot of time crafting with the kids.  It was fucking painful.  FFS!? CRAFTING.  FFS!? Mstr5 has since channelled his inner Pro Hart and repeatedly drawn on the carpet, furniture and walls in the Toy Room.  FFS!? #1Nana will read this and realize that I am referring to her carpet, walls and furniture.  FFS!? Expecting to be evicted / cut off / removed from the will any second now.  FFS!?

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