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Fence Sitting

Posted on the 17 April 2014 by Yamini
I sit on the fence
watching the world play on either sides
watching them live watching them love
missing all the action missing all the fun, that's what they all say
Vicarious pleasure
Of being and not being
Of an illusion of living through others
Oh how many lives do I have
All of them mine
All of them that can never be mine
Life happens as while I’m in trap of watching 
I have an apetite
Apetite for things alphabets people
Things call out and I don’t answer
Fence is nice
Fence is safe
It is a nice little place
Which pricks sometimes a lot of times ...just a little bit
And you try to pull me in...
Pull me into the game
Try to find some little sense in flood of images
Images of all the years of watching
Im ready to give up
And try to play
But will you sit there in my place and watch it all

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