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Feeling Experimental

By Chocolateandoranges
I tried a new food today for dinner - tempeh!  I'm not a huge fan of the soy-based meat alternatives so I'd avoided it up to this point but I always see it pop up on menus and in blogs and I was curious so when I checked out the new alfalfa's store in Boulder (great deals and a really nice store!) I picked some up.  I went simple and basically used in in place of a veggie burger on my english muffin, jam, and egg sandwich - you can just barely see it underneath the egg in the pic below.  It was pretty good, I don't know that I'll be eating a ton of it but will probably pick some up from time to time.
feeling experimental
I continued my strawberry eating mission with a spinach, strawberry, feta, and almond salad topped with balsamic glaze and a bit of honey.  I'm almost through the first container!
feeling experimental
And then I tried something new.  I've been in search of a good afternoon snack for work lately.  I have instant oatmeal and will make that sometimes but it's not always practical if I'm on the go or in meetings.  On those days I turn to a store bought granola/energy bar such as a larabar, luna, etc.  I always feel kind of guilty eating the bars, some of them are really pretty good for you and minimally processed (especially the larabars) but I'd still prefer to make something myself rather than rely on prepared foods.  
So I decided to try out a granola bar-like recipe from LiveLaughEat, although these are actually softer than a granola bar and more cookie-like.   They're made out of all whole foods and pretty healthy.  I tried one out with dinner and was happy with the result.  I'll probably try a few other recipes as well but this one is likely to make it into the rotation.  I did make a few changes and used a mix of dates and raisins and used coconut oil rather than canola.
feeling experimental
I also have a pumpkin hummus recipe that I also found on LiveLaughEat that I'm itching to try out...

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