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Feeling Corny

By Chocolateandoranges

Whew - my long week is finally at an end!  Sorry for my lack of posts the last couple days - I was out at work dinners the last couple nights and I wasn't quite brave enough to whip out the cell phone and take a picture. :)  I managed to behave myself fairly well though and eat as healthy as possible out at dinner and I slipped away at lunch to eat my own brown bag lunches rather than relying on the cafeteria food that was served at the meetings.  Now I just need to get a good night's sleep and hopefully I'll be feeling better.
I'm taking tomorrow off, so today is Friday for me!  I celebrated by trying something I like in restaurants but haven't actually made myself before - polenta (coarse corn meal).  I mixed the polenta, goat cheese, spinach, and a few sundried tomatoes and topped with an egg and some broccoli.  It was all right although a little on the bland side (even after I added pepper and crushed red pepper not shown here), I think hot sauce will definitely be involved next time!
Not too much of a recipe, just bring 3 parts water and 1 part polenta to a boil and then reduce heat - let it cook a few minutes then stir in everything else.
feeling corny

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