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Feeling Bullied and Unwelcomed

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest
Feeling Bullied and Unwelcomed

Library Thing is a site for readers. They go to great lengths to enforce their policies, however there is such a thing as going too far. The owners of this site need to give a small group of “flag abusers” and “Policy Police” a few lessons in ethics.
This group of ppl do not bother to come to an author in question about something on their profile. Instead, they immediately flag the account, vote to delete the “offending material” and the member is left wondering what in the heck just happened?

I have had pics of my children’s bookcovers removed, links to my websites and author profiles, my biography which I use all the time and even a duplicate image which was a simple mistake on my part. (all of this within the past couple of days and I am a new member!)

I was never asked to remove the material before being flagged as a violater of site policies. I was never told why it is against policy until being flagged and then it is a vague description which basically instructed me to read the policy and procedures guide which is pages long.

I have only be on site a few days and am already targeted. I feel bullied and unwelcome. In an effort to try to amend things, I swallowed my pride and I apologized for my errors and promised to try not to violate the rules again. As  a further expression of my commandment  I offered “friendship”. The reply I received was “no”. How can I not feel like I was slapped in the face? I feel there is nothing I am going to be able to do on this site without this small group of ppl flagging and deleting my content.

All of you who follow my blog, know what type of person I am. I am not vindictive. I have never even posted an article in complaint about anything before now.

The reason I post this is because I feel as if a handful of busy-bodies are trying to run me and other authors off. My flagger even said this site is mostly about DEAD authors (major eyeroll that he would even make this statement) !!! I know several who are NOT dead–eyeroll again.

I have thought about contacting the site owners. I wonder if they are aware of how far over and beyond the call of duty these few members are going ?

As a result of my snooping, I found about 6 members who take it upon themselves to patrol, flag, delete and bully on a daily basis. They are doing more than following policy. They do not approach the member and try to resolve the issue first. It is like being guilty without a trial.

I wonder who else has had a problem with Library Thing? Has anyone gone to one of the owners with complaint? If so, where you satisfied with the result?

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