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Feeling Body Confident After Giving Birth

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx
Feeling Body Confident After Giving BirthIt's obvious your body is going to change once you have a baby, after all, you have carried your little bundle for the past 9 months, things will be different! For me personally it didn't really bother me at first, I was so wrapped up in Abbie and in absolute awe of her that I just didn't care! As I mentioned in a previous post I suffered rather badly with post natal anxiety which meant I struggled to eat/drink too, despite the fact I was also breastfeeding, my baby weight fell off me rather quickly! That and Abbie went through a phase of only falling asleep in her pram so I would walk around for an hour a day which was great for toning too! I've put on about half a stone since September which doesn't sound like much but I'm a pear shape which means any extra weight goes straight onto my hips/things which makes it really obvious, not that I really care either or I wouldn't have just eaten a dominos pizza...

One of my new years resolutions was to be healthier so it shouldn't take too long to lose, notice the word 'healthier', not healthy..I think that puts too much pressure on us, no-one can be healthy 100% of the time! Plus there are so many slimming solutions out there too which all claim to make you a 'lose weight fast', which you know isn't good for you and probably won't work anyway, but if you're looking for a 'quick fix' instead, be it for a date night with your partner or just because you fancy making more of an effort, Spanx are a fab way to show off your new curves whilst making you feel super confident and sexy too by shaping your body in an amazing way! Lots of celebrities wear them too and are the worldwide best seller in shapewear! I think it's a necessity in every woman's wardrobe whether you've had a baby or not!

Another promise I made to myself this year was not to stand on the scales, instead I am just going by how I feel about myself, eating fresh fruit and veg and generally just 'cleaner' makes me feel so much better straight away, my body feels healthy and I end up with so much more energy too! In this cold weather you can make up big batches of meals like Beef Stews, Casseroles and even Roast dinners, those winter warmers that are packed full of yummy veg and goodness! Whatever is left over you can give to your little ones too or put in the freezer for another day, instead of reaching for those takeaways menu's, you've got a delicious homemade meal ready to go!

What makes you feel confident?

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