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Feel Good Friday News – 14th June

By Cleverbuttons @cleverbuttons

Hi All,

It’s Friday again – YIPPEE. There has, as always, been some bad news this week but we are leaving that behind for the day and celebrating all things happy, colorful and intriguing. Today is no exception as I have a rather wonderful piece of hot off the press news for you, coming from Debenhams.

I have always been a fan of Debenhams in general. They provide clothing for all ages and shapes, including lingerie which is one of my favorite things to shop for. There advertising campaigns are always inclusive of women’s bodies, but as with most high street stores, the images are air brushed. Do I agree with airbrushing, no, but I do understand why stores use it as they ultimately have to sell their products. However, this may be changing and soon enough air brushing could be a thing of the past.

Debenhams Launches Non Airbrushed Lingerie Campaign

debenhams lingerie

This week Debenhams has launched their latest lingerie campaign that is completely non airbrushed. The decision was taken after research into how air brushed images affect girls self esteem. So many crushing images of supermodels and celebrities airbrushed and perfectly cellulite free – which let’s face it is ridiculous in the first place, we all have cellulite and it is character building. Then you have the almost horrifying statistic from the Schools Health Education Unit, that 58% of girls aged 14 – 15 want to loose weight and are already skipping meals.

Debenhams have said that their designers will cease to use techniques that involve slimming down the models arms, legs, waistes and whitening the teeth. The best bit – they also wont be tampering with the cleavage. A quote from Sharon Webb, Head of Lingerie Buying and Design states;

“We want to help customers feel confident about their figures without bombarding them with unattainable body images.” (quote from

Thank goodness for this, it is a breath of fresh air after the recent revelations that they airbrushed Beyonce for her recent campaign. Debenhams have previously opted for non airbrushed images for their swimwear campaigns and this is definitely a step closer to the notion being covered across all their ranges. I also hope that this includes their male models. More and more young men are developing mental illnesses such as Anorexia and this cannot be treated in any other way than young women are treated. It can still be caused by low self esteem from being bombarded with the perfect abbs, six packs and toned thighs that we see in a lot of advertising.

Finally, the brand are also looking at bringing in curvier mannequins to their shop windows – phew, finally someone has realized that there is a need for this!!

What do you think about non air brushed images?

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Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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