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Feel Good Friday!

By Mollylouise
Here's a lovely array of pictures from Tumblr to put you into a positive mindset. Let's get rid of those negative thoughts...and release so endorphins.
Feel Good Friday!Feel Good Friday!Feel Good Friday!Feel Good Friday!Feel Good Friday!
Have a lovely evening. Sometimes we need these happy thoughts to make our day.


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By Cyndie Lepori
posted on 12 October at 00:45

I see the stolen art has not been removed. I will be reporting you.

By Cyndie Lepori
posted on 16 November at 05:26

Thank you. If you ever want to use the copywrited version of PositiveEnergyCanHealTheUniverse plese let me know and I will send you the jpeg for it. you can use ours with permission.

By Cyndie Lepori
posted on 13 November at 14:26

The Positive Energy can heal the universe is a stolen and disfigured version of the original art by Layne Keeton Murrish. Please remove it and use the correct one to help us promote the Book Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker, and Bubbles the Dolphin.