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February IBB MUC - "Pelangi Di Matamu"

By Yessy_suwandi @yessy_1988
Hi everyone? Well, how's your valentine preps? Hope everything is going well!
"Ada pelangi di bola matamu
Dan memaksa diri tuk bilang
Aku sayang padamu
Aku sayang padamu" -Jamrud
Sounds familiar with that song? That's an old song that inspired me to make IBB MUC this month!!
Yeahh, IBB MUC this month has a "Valentine Theme", but we threw away the PINK accent to have a different look for Valentine.

I put some rainbow on my eyes inspired by Jamrud's song, i'm sure it will does insists my man say "I Love you". Lol!! Thanks IBB for helding this MUC. I don't really care whether I'll be chosen to be the top 5 or not, make up is about having fun, agree?
So here my IBB MUC Look! Wish me luck ❤
Well, that's all i wanna share about. Thanks for visiting and reading my blog, hope you find it useful ^^
Lotta Love,

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